Frosting for Vegans

Frosting for Vegans

Frosting is a sweet delicious treat that should be enjoyed by everyone, but often health concerns stop people from enjoying this sweet treat. Often vegans cannot indulge in eating frosting because most frostings include animal products of some kind. Traditionally and popularly frostings have not catered to the vegan lifestyle, the first frostings were made of only egg whites and sugar. The egg whites made this frosting not vegan. Similarly, the most popular and widely used frostings are buttercream, whipped cream, and cream cheese frosting. These frostings are primarily composed of butter, heavy whipping cream and cream cheese, all of which are animal products. So how exactly can a vegan get away with eating the frosting they remember so fondly? Here are some ways you can enjoy frosting but still keep your vow against animal products.

This obstacle is a lot easier than it may seem. The main ingredients that must be replaces to create a vegan frosting are milk, heavy cream, butter, and cream cheese. Milk is very easy to replace, all you have to do is replace the milk with soy milk in the same proportions. It will change the taste a little, but if you are a vegan you should enjoy the soy taste anyways. The next ingredient, heavy cream, can also be replaced with many different things. You can replace it with coconut cream, blended siken tofu, or soy or some alternative milk with margarine with a two to one ratio. Use equal amounts of these substitutes as you would heavy cream. Butter is easier to replace effectively, you can use margarine or olive oil. Margarine you replace with the same amounts and olive oil you replace 1 cup of butter with 1/4 cup and 2 tablespoons olive oil. Finally, if you want to replace cream cheese you can simply purchase a vegan cream cheese. They are very easy to find online and you just replace the cream cheese with vegan cream cheese in the same proportions.

A vegan lifestyle and frosting can go together, it just takes a lot of replacing ingredients and a little extra time. So don’t let the lack of vegan recipes online discourage you from living the way you want to; it is fairly easy to tailor them to fit your needs and goals. It’s hard to live a vegan lifestyle and you deserve a treat every once in a while for living your life so strictly. But most importantly, enjoy homemade frosting.

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