Full Sun Perennial Plants

Full Sun Perennial Plants

Full sun perennial plants are excellent for areas that receive an average sunlight of 6-7 hours on a daily basis. These plants are specific about their requirements and they perform best when planted in areas that receive full sunlight.

It is advisable to plant other varieties that can tolerate shade or partial shade conditions if your garden does not receive full sunlight regularly. Some of the common full sun perennial plants that can be planted in the garden are:


Lavender is an aromatic flowering plant that produces purple or lavender colored flowers. The flowers are fragrant and often used for medicinal purposes and aromatherapy. They can be a beautiful addition to your home garden as they give a traditional touch to the landscape.


Aster is a beautiful flowering plant that requires full sunlight to thrive. They produce blue, pink, white or purple colored flowers. They come in many sizes and are excellent for borders. They can even be planted in clumps in the garden bed to get a natural effect.


Chrysanthemums are commonly known as Mums and they are amongst the most popular garden plants. Mums have many species and they produce beautiful flowers that come in many colors. Chrysanthemums are really diverse and they have many varieties that produce distinct flowers. The flower structure is so distinct that each species has its own charm. Mums have many different colors and the common ones are white, yellow, pink and purple.


Poppy flowers are have bright and alluring colors. The flower petals are silky and they look very graceful. The petals show movement in the slightest wind making the plant look more majestic. Red colored poppies can really transform the entire garden with their beauty and elegance. Apart from red color, poppies also come in pale pink, white or orange color.


Peonies are herbaceous plants that produce distinct and showy flowers. The peony bush can reach up to a height of 5-6 feet. Some of the woody peony species can even attain a height of 8-9 feet. Peony plants can be planted as specimens or focal point in the garden.

These are some of the common full sun perennial plants that can be grown in gardens that receive full sunlight. You can find many other different varieties that can suit your requirements.

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