Fun Things You Can Make From Cupcake Liner Papers

We have a wonderful selection of paper cupcake liners and I thought it would be fun to see what ideas we could come up with on what else you can do with them besides baking! Of course you can use them for serving other food like cookies or hors devours.

Valentine cookies this year at my house.

Valentine Cookies

For My grandson’s birthdays I made them a “badge” to tie onto their packages, and my daughter made a garland for their party. Here is the garland in their playroom, with Where the Wild Things Are cupcake rings included.

For their party location she added photos of the boys


Here are their “birthday badges” The Font for #’s is Carnival MF Open

You can make cards for birthdays or other occasions


Cute Holiday Ideas ~ Valentines Day ~ Easter ~ Christmas


Liz from California sent me these photos. For a baby shower, she not only used them for the cupcakes, but made little cupcake favors out a baby washcloth & a yarn cherry ontop. Cute idea!

More actually used for cupcakes! For 86th Birthday


From NIKKI in California



FLOWERS or Package Tie-Ons For Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries


The one above uses our Chocolate Brown Polka Dots on PINK paper Cupcake Liners nd our

SWEET Pink & Brown Flowers Cupcake Liners Muffin Baking Cups

Ones below use our Teal Green POLKA DOT Cupcake Liners & our

VIOLET Purple Candy Stripe Paper Cupcake Liner Cute!

We used little paper flower petals, buttons & rhinestones from the craft store

We Even Made A Bulletin Board For The Office

How about a pincushion or a jam jar topper

Darling Party Decorations!

Use glittered foam hearts & various ribbons available at your craft stores


Our Spring Tulip Cups Can Be Used For Lots of Fun Ideas

A touch of romance with mini white lights

The ones on the porch are or blue wavy cupcake liners

You can make cupcake liner balls by using a styrofoam ball and poking the cupcake wrappers into it. All white is pretty for wedding, but our polka dot & other designs would be fun too. How about a Memorial Day or 4th of July Ball using our Asst Cupcake Liners Stars Dots Gingham


FUN for Adult Art or Childrens Art Projects



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