Gift Ideas for Friends in a Hospital

Gift Ideas

We’ve all had that moment where a friend or family member ends up in hospital. It may be for a celebratory occasion like the birth of a baby but unfortunately there are times where a hospital visit is for someone who has fallen ill or been hurt.

Sending your condolences is important to show you care and keep your friends spirits up while they’re not feeling the best so we’ve put together some of the best gift ideas for patients who need some happiness.


Flowers are an old classic that you can’t go wrong with. Choose flowers with bright colors and minimal scent. Bright colors are to add colour to often drab hospital rooms and increase your friend’s positive vibrations. When they look at them they’ll think of you and hopefully put a smile on that dial.


Be cautious with balloons as their frivolity might make light of an otherwise serious situation. However, if you know the patient well and share a funny sense of humor balloons can add some much-needed joy to a sombre sick-bed. Choose balloons with a positive message so the patient really can ‘get well soon’.


Depending on the situation, sweets can be a nice respite from hospital food. You would be giving chocolates to a friend with a sweet tooth but would need to check with the doctor that it’s not breaking any health rules. Soft chocolates are best so you’re not causing any discomfort through strenuous chewing though hard-boiled sweets can help while the hours away.

Crosswords, Book & Games

Something to keep your patient friend occupied is a good idea and a book is something they can dip into for hours at a time while recuperating. Get books full of crosswords if they love puzzles and you’ll earn lots of brownie points for playing cards or a game and just sitting and chatting. Find out what interests and hobbies your friend has and pay a visit to the library where you can borrow a dozen books at a time – there’s got to be one in there that they’ll love – and love you for.

Care Package

A care package is the ultimate all-round gift for looking after your friend during their stay. Think of things that will make their stay more enjoyable and comfortable. A nice hand cream, some magazines and chocolates would make a nice package. You might buy some comfortable pajamas as a special gift. Toys and coloring books are good for younger patients who need amusement during their stay and you might buy some shaving cream and razors for a male friend.

Room Accents

If your friend is looking like their stay may be more than a couple of days you want to make their room nice and homely. A good pillow to support their back while sitting in bed will help with comfort and a nice throw for the bed can add a bit of color and warmth. Pop by your friend’s house and grab some photos of family or make some frames to put by their bedside. Color and smiles are paramount to keep your friend happy and positive.

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