Greeting Card Organizer

Greeting Card Organizer

While making my weekly rounds of yard sales with my mom and daughter, I ran across the neatest little album that was sold by Hallmark many years ago–it is an organizer for greeting cards!

Inside the album there were pages with pockets to hold your greeting cards until you are ready to use them. There were six pages for the months of the year (one month on each side of the page), and each page had the days of the month numbered with a line next to them (on the pocket) so you can write in people’s names next to their birthday. In the back of the album there was a page for holidays and also a page for writing in people’s names and addresses.

To make your own “thoughtfulness album” all you need is a three-ring binder and the pee-chee folders that have pockets in them. You could add any other kinds of extra pages you wish– anything to help you get more organized. I’m constantly misplacing the cards I buy for people ahead of time, and this is the perfect way to keep all of your cards, names, and addresses organized.

You could also decorate your album any way you wish. If you like to do rubber stamping, decorating a card album would be a great project! Or maybe add some photos of family members. Let your imagination run away with you! This album is also a great gift idea–what a perfect way to give young or new family members your family’s list of names and birthdays.

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