Grow Backyard Garden Carrots in Balcony Garden

Grow Backyard Garden Carrots in Balcony Garden

It never surprises me how many people have never considered about growing carrots and other fresh vegetables on their balcony of their upstairs apartment. It is simple just grow backyard garden carrots or your other favorite vegetables using containers it’s just like having a balcony garden.

In most cases container gardening may have been a process utilized because of the lack of space because you live in a apartment or condo. It is an advantage in away if you are upstairs you do not have to worry about some critters raiding your garden.

Container gardening on you balcony is a great method to keep weeds under control without all the work of bending over and stressing your back. Your balcony garden containers can be very convenient and decorative plus you are able to move and rotate your plants for best exposure for needed sunlight. This is such a simple way to enjoy and grow backyard garden of some of your favorite vegetables just outside your glass sliding doors.

Carrots grow well in cool weather and with less sun than your other plants will need so you can place them in a shaded location behind your other plant on your balcony garden. Choose a short variety of carrots and use a container that is 24in across and at 12in deep. A good blend of potting soil is 6 parts potting soil and 2 parts compost and 2 parts sands. Carrots and most vegetables grow best in loose soil that is well aerated and has good drainage.

When planting your carrot seeds should be 1/2 inch deep and 2 to 3 inches apart and when the evening temperature is 55 degrees cover the seeds loosely with soil and lightly water. It is best to fertilize your balcony garden with a liquid fertilizer once a week.

How to make a liquid fertilizer is simple just scoop some compost into a water container let sit over night stain off the compost and you are all set. Water your garden regularly do not let the soil dry out. Your carrots will mature and be ready to harvest in between 60 to 80 days.

Prior to harvesting water generously which will make your carrots separate from the soil easy just grab them by the green stems and pull straight up wash off the dirt and snap the stem off. There you go it’s that simple to grow backyard garden carrots and vegetables in your balcony garden.

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