Grow Radishes

Grow Radishes

Radish (Raphanus sativum), from cruciferous family, is a plant original from China and Japan, being cultivated specially for its edible roots, which can have different colors: red, white, green and black. This is an annual plant, fast growing and can be grown all year round.

Cultivation of Radishes

Radish is an easy growing plant even in pots, but in this case is preferable a variety of small round radishes. In winter, radish retreat to shelter in a greenhouse. Summer crops like under heavy foliage or in a place partially in the shade on a balcony.

The Land for Growing Radishes

The plant needs an easy ground (in a hard ground the radishes become spicy). Also the land is different from the month radishes, summer radishes and winter radishes. For example, for month radishes the land has to be sheltered and sunny to warm slightly.

Seeding Radishes

Monthly radishes are seeding in March, after the land has dried, and the procedure can be repeated every 10-12 days for rescheduled productions. To have a harvest of monthly radishes later in the autumn, seeding can be done at the end of August. It looks at 10-12 cm in rows spaced at 1.5-2 cm depth. After emergence, the weeds thin out seedling and the radishes will single 5-6 cm per rows.

Summer radishes are seeding in May, the space between rows is the 30 cm and 15-18 cm per row and 1,5-2 cm depth.

Winter radishes are seeding at the beginning of autumn, to not form flowers.

The Irrigation of Radishes

Perhaps the most important element in growing radishes is the water. The ground must remain constantly wet, especially if the radishes will be grown in pots where the water evaporates quickly. The lack of water makes the radishes spicy and bitter.

The Harvest of Radishes

Monthly radishes are harvested at 4-6 weeks after seeding. If they are let too much time, they become dry, with air pockets inside.

Summer radishes will be harvest in June.

Winter radishes are harvest at 110-120 days from seeding.

Radishes will be collected when have not reached yet their maximum size. Radish size can be controlled at the based of the leaves, because they appear in part out of the ground.

Other Things

Radishes grow very well together with: cucumbers, squash, melons and pumpkins because discouraged the cucumber beetle. Other companions are: beans, carrots, lettuce and peas.

Beside monthly, summer and winter radishes, they can also be classified by form which can be round or elongated.

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Keysha – Learn more about how to grow radishes which can have different colors. The radishes can be grow all year round.

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