Hand Quilting Tips – Make Beautiful Patterns

Hand Quilting Tips - Make Beautiful Patterns

From the time quilt making came into existence, a well-accomplished hand quilting stitches have been adored and envied. There is a feeling of veneration among quilters when they see a good hand made quilt. Many of the quilters don’t use hand-quilting techniques because they are not sure and not confident about the results that they will produce.

If you are not good quilting with your hands then you may leave visible knots or stitches or may be your art work wont look nice. Also, there is a possibility that you might leave some uneven stitches, which hold on to only few threads on the back of the cloth and very easily come out, this may lead to larger areas and your fabric might get torn.

People who have mastered this art of hand quilting, when they stitch a fabric, the length of the thread on both the sides of the quilt is the same and so is the gap between the stitches. Its true that the smaller stitches has good quality. The stitches are more even and consistent, which is more important that the size of the stitch.

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Quilting Tips

It is learnt that if you cut a tiny piece of rubber from your jar opener rubber and keep it next to you when hand quilting. This will provide you better grip for holding a needle. It also helps in pulling desired amount of fabric thickness.

A very common problem that you come across when hand quilting is that the needle slips off the thimble, especially when you try to pull it through the fabric. To overcome this, wrap about 1/4″ masking tape around the thimble and you are free from slipping and sliding off the thimble.

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