Healing Emotional Pain

Healing Emotional Pain

How do you cope with the emotional numbing shock wave or pain of divorce or the loss of a loved one? Is it possible to heal from this devastating, life altering experience? When someone doesn’t like you or approve of you, how do you react? How do you handle being rejected? Or betrayed? When someone you loved doesn’t want you around, how do you cope?

Everything is Energy

Consider for a moment that everything is energy. Your thoughts are energy. Your emotions are energy. When you don’t or can’t face your experience, you store that experience in your body. Painful experiences, thoughts and feelings are stored and reflected in your aura until they are processed out. How you process pain is revealed in the colors or vibrations of your energy field or aura.

Pain Stored in Your Body

Stored-up pockets of pain, emotional, physical mental or spiritual, causes your spirit to leave your body. This is referred to as “an out-of-body experience”. The energy of your feelings of inadequacy, anger, disbelief or resentment cause separation between your spirit and your body. As your spirit and body separate from each other, you become “out-of-touch”. Have you ever felt as if you floated through a day? You might not remember driving home or where you put your keys. Those are all out-of-body or out-of-touch experiences.

Out-of Touch — Out-of-Body

Your spirit actually left your body for a moment. That’s all it takes. There are many types of out-of-body experiences. When you have your attention on event in the future or the past, you actually send a part of yourself there. You are actually divided as a spirit.

Escape from Pain

People use many ways to escape from spiritual and emotional pain. Do you know someone who watches hours and hours of television to escape? Taking drugs, drinking alcohol, being on the computer for hours and other distractions take you out of your present situation. These distractions serve to keep you isolated from your pain. What pain are you storing in your body that you are ready to release?

Deal with Pain — Don’t Store It

Exercise, meditation and using energetic tools are ways to process this stored, stuck energy out. When you learn how to ground yourself and use other forms of energy to clear stuck energetic blocks, you start to process pain in a different way.

Stay Clear to Enjoy Life

When your spirit and body are connected, you stay in present time with clarity to enjoy life. Have an “in-body” experience and reclaim yourself.

Support Yourself — Re-Train Yourself

You can re-train yourself to think and move your energy to be happy in your life. As you release stuck energy and out-moded beliefs, you re-construct relationships and develop new interests. You release energy that is stuck in your aura that creates freedom from pain.

Create Your New Life

Learn how to get your own answers and accept your new life can free you from stuck thoughts or experiences that cause pain. Take personal responsibility and develop a new way to heal your self.

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Amirah, a 25-year Intuitive Coach, Author and Speaker. Author of eBook, GET Better LOVE and MORE of IT!

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