Herbal Home Remedy – Milk Thistle

Herbal Home Remedy - Milk Thistle

You can easily use milk thistle as a herbal home remedy. The milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is known as a versatile herb that has tonifying and restorative abilities and can help heal different ailments. In fact, it is best for nursing mothers and those with liver and gall bladder problems.

Milk thistle appears to have gotten its name as it was first used to help stimulate the flow of milk in nursing mothers. Its leaves have white streaks that run across them and this is said to symbolize milk flow. As a herbal home remedy, simply munch on the leaves much like you are eating spinach, if you want to increase milk flow or to help relieve menstrual problems.

For liver and gall bladder problems, look to the seeds. Milk thistle seeds contain a large amount of silymarin. They are used to combat the symptoms of liver disease. In fact, many herbalists say that it is helpful in treating cirrhosis of the liver as well. You can lower high cholesterol levels as well as reduce gall bladder inflammation with consuming milk thistle seeds.

Milk Thistle Is Good For More Than Just The Liver

Several research studies also reveal that milk thistle has some wonderful health benefits, including the fact that they contain many more antioxidants than even Vitamin E. These seeds can be used to help prevent damage to the tissues of the body due to free radicals.

The pretty flowers of milk thistle can be used as a herbal home remedy as well. The flowers may even be eaten before the flower blooms. The heads of the flowers are often treated much the same as artichokes and the heads are eaten to help stimulate the liver and digestive system.

Other than eating the plant raw, you can also prepare a herbal home remedy from milk thistle in a variety of ways for healing. You can use the seeds of the milk thistle to prepare a tincture by using 20-25 drops of the oil and combine it with water. This tincture can help treat liver and gall bladder issues.

For convenience, you can also consume capsules of milk thistle. Herbalists usually recommend a dosage of one or two 200mg capsules each day for gall bladder or liver ailments. If you take them before drinking alcohol, then you can help fight a hangover.

You can crush the seeds into a powder to use on skin ulcers or you can infuse the seeds to allow you to drink it in a tea. The infusion works well for treating gall bladder symptoms. They can be combined with lady’s mantle and St. John’s Wort to help in relieving the symptoms of PMS.

Lastly, my favorite of all in terms of preparing a herbal home remedy is to prepare an infusion by using the leaves and flowers of the herb to help increase milk flow in lactating mothers or to help with digestive problems.

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