Herbal Pain Relief for Fibromyalgia

Herbal Pain Relief for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is one out of several dozen illnesses, classified as autoimmune diseases… although it’s frequently treated alongside other painful conditions like arthritis, spondylosis (degenerative osteoarthritis of the spine), and rheumatism (a general term for medical problems affecting joints and connective tissues). Medications prescribed by doctors fall into the “arthritis treatment” category, since no pain medication has been approved for the specific treatment of fibromyalgia by the FDA. Herbal pain relief is another option.

There are many theories about the possible cause of fibromyalgia pain, not the least of which is the autoimmune consideration… where the body’s immune system malfunctions and attacks healthy cells and tissues. Another theory, however, looks to the toxins stored in the body which are found in the accumulation of undigested food and waste matter in the colon. In arthritis and rheumatism, this condition is thought to settle in the joints and is commonly called amavata. Herbal pain relief has been used to treat amavata since ancient times.

The toxin theory suggests that sluggish digestion permits poisons to build up in the body, and issues with the colon permit the poisons to get to the joints and other parts of the body.

Symptoms include: fever, pain & rigidity in affected muscles, discomfort or sensitiveness in soft tissues which is irritated by any movement or activity (like walking, getting up from a chair, writing, typing, holding an object, throwing a ball, or even turning a key).

Here are some suggested herbal pain relief treatments that may help with the discomfort of fibromyalgia related to gastrointestinal issues:

  • Drink carrot juice, cucumber juice, eat cooked “colorful” plants and/or plant soups.
  • Drink coconut water.
  • Avoid known allergens.
  • Drink 8 glasses of water every day.
  • Add a digestible source of plant-based or whey protein and vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • On an empty stomach, eat 2-3 walnuts or some coconut.
  • Avoid physical and psychological stress.
  • Control your diet, get to your ideal weight.

Some additional suggestions for natural and herbal pain relief are:

  • Use herbal oils like Arthcare as a topical treatment with light massage, to relieve neuromuscular system pain and stiffness; it is also relaxing and may help improve sleep; Arthcare capsules may also have a pain-relieving and relaxing effect for fibromyalgia sufferers.
  • Herbal Shallaki (Boswellia serrata) comes from tree sap and has been used for the herbal pain relief, swelling, and morning stiffness since ancient times.
  • Ginger (Zingiber officinale) has been well-studied-and-documented as a treatment for musculoskeletal pain without side-effects even in those patients who used it for several years for herbal pain relief.
  • Ashvagandha (Withania somniferum) of the potato family, has been used for years in Asia for herbal pain relief, to treat rheumatism and immune dysfunctions (also known as “Indian Ginseng”).
  • Epsom Salt (Magnesium sulfate) has both anti inflammatory and anti- arthritic properties and it can be absorbed through the skin. Magnesium is among the most critical of the fundamental minerals in the body, and is often lacking in the American diet. It’s excellent way to increase circulation. However, in the treatment of fibromyalgia pain, care must be taken not to soak sore muscles in water which is too hot… which can have just the opposite effect when the muscles cool down.

The old-fashioned treatments mentioned here are only a few of the possible natural remedies… it is up to the individual seeker of herbal pain relief to decide what works for the treatment of their fibromyalgia symptoms. Whether you believe that gastrointestinal issues or some other cause is responsible for your fibromyalgia symptoms, a great place to start is with your diet. As a fibromyalgia survivor, I’ve used a natural treatment… an herbal-based nutritional supplement formula to take control of my symptoms, get off my medications and take my life back. I can help you to do the same thing.

The Author:

Carol Ryland is the President of a successful health and wellness business, dedicated to educating and mentoring individuals in the natural treatment of illnesses. Writer of many articles on fibromyalgia and related topics, she is a fibromyalgia survivor with a deep personal understanding of the syndrome and its devastating effects.

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