Herbal Recipes and Remedies for Hair Loss

Herbal Recipes and Remedies for Hair Loss

Today, female hair loss is a common problem that many women suffer from. If you take charge of your health and lifestyle you are taking an important step to helping your hair grow. These are all natural hair growth remedies and they will also help you be healthy and strong.

1. For them, a mixture of amla and lemon juice is an excellent remedy. Prepare a thick paste by mixing one table spoon each of amla powder and lemon juice. If required, add some water to make the paste smooth. Apply it to the hair regularly for one month. Thus, your problem of hair loss will come to an end and will make your hair healthy too.

2. The common pumpkin yields seeds that are rich in oil, which Native Americans have considered a remedy for hair loss. It is thought that the active ingredient is a substance called ‘cucurbitin’ which has also been used by Native Americans as a cure for enlarged prostate.

3. Drinking plenty of spring water as it’s free of chemicals and all natural. Spring water was created with the help of the Earth’s electromagnetic field so it contains all the necessary ingredients needed to replenish the body’s energy.

4. Rosemary and Sage – This has been used for hundreds of years in the Mediterranean region of Europe. Using rosemary and sage together helps stimulate the hair follicles and conditions the scalp. Boiling the same amount of sage and rosemary together will create the solution needed. Take this solution and strain the liquid and then put it into your favorite shampoo. This is used only as a shampoo and is not to be taken internally.

5. Dandruff is a major hair problem. To get rid of it, soak 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Make a paste of the soaked fenugreek and apply it on the scalp. Leave it on the scalp for about half an hour and then wash it off properly. It works wonder on dandruff.

6. We all know the healing and moisturizing properties of Aloe Vera, but Native Americans considered this to be a potent way to prevent hair loss.

The most common recipe is to add Aloe vera with coconut milk and wheat germ oil which is then to be used as a shampoo. It is said to clean out hair follicle pores as well as maintaining the perfect pH balance, which promotes strong hair growth.

7. Take the time out to relax and rejuvenate yourself; take the stress out of your life even for a little while. Using meditation or even a few moments of silent reflection is recommended at least once a day. Some CD’s you might want to try are meditation and stress management ones from Ziravie which includes simple and practical techniques.

8. Amla Oil – This is one of the oldest and best hair conditioners still in use today. You can buy amla oil or you can make it by boiling amla in coconut oil. Once you have the oil, rub it in your hair all the way to the roots. Leave in for couple of hours, then shampoo out.

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