Herbal Treatment for Reducing Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue syndrome also called CFS is a disorder without a known cause and although CFS may be linked to a previous infection. CFS is a state of chronic fatigue that exists without other explanation for six months or more and is accompanied by cognitive difficulties problems with short-term memory or concentration.

CFS was initially termed encephalomyelitis because British clinicians noted that the necessary clinical features of CFS included both an encephalitic constituent manifesting as cognitive difficulties and a skeletal muscle component manifest as chronic fatigue. The absence of cognitive dysfunction should exclude CFS as a potential diagnosis.

Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue: –

* Sleep becomes non-refreshing
* Cloudiness in the mind
* Excessive fatigue
* Depression
* Poor digestion
* Low blood pressure

A fatigued system can benefit from regular deep relaxation of the mind and body. This type of relaxation is different to the kind we experience whilst sleeping. There are many forms Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue of focused relaxation techniques that are easy to perform. Guided relaxation recordings can be helpful for some.

Herbal supplements including ginseng, ashwagandha, magnesium, licorice and ginger root can help restore energy and support the adrenal glands.

Gentle exercises such as yoga, stretching, swimming and walking can help the body better cope with stress and improve nervous system functioning; over time, this can look up adrenal gland functioning.

Diet is significant in treating fatigued adrenal glands. Eat foods that are entire and natural. Processed foods put stress on the body and on the adrenal glands. Keep away from processed sugars, white flour, sugar, spicy foods and fried foods. Eat five to nine serving of fresh vegetables and fruits every day.

Eat for long-lasting energy. Eat regular meals with lean protein sources and complex carbohydrates, as well as plenty of vegetables and fruit refrain from eating junk food. Your overall nourishment is important for supporting the function of your adrenal glands.

Dehydration is a common cause of fatigue. We are made of mostly water and so we need adequate water to operate at best levels. Drinks like tea and coffee act as diuretics which cause us to lose valuable fluid. Sweet carbonated drinks take substantial effort Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue for our system to extract any usable water. Try replacing some regular drinks with warm or cold fresh drinking water.

Fatigue Fighter is a natural, safe, effective and powerful herbal tonic to help increase energy and reduce fatigue. Use this remedy regularly to increase energy levels and feelings of well being; improve overall systemic presentation and strengthen immune system; increase physical presentation and endurance levels without harmful side effects of steroids, ephedrine, etc; assist recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other illness; increase stamina, reduce fatigue and slowness caused by stress, depression, illness or unhealthy lifestyle.

You can extra your diet with vitamins, especially B multifaceted vitamins and Vitamin C. According to Women to Women, other supplements that may be useful for treat adrenal fatigue include astragals, Siberian ginseng, codices (a fungus), golden root and licorice root.

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