Home Décor for The Spiritually Inclined

Home Décor for The Spiritually Inclined

Our surroundings nurture us mentally and emotionally. We like our homes to be cozy, to be a haven from the stresses of daily living, a place to relax and to get away from it all. But we also want our homes to reflect who we are, whether the intended image is uncluttered and simple, elegant or even spiritual.

Whether your career demands 70-hour workweeks or you’re just enjoying retirement, spiritual surroundings can help to alleviate the burdens of cell phones, meetings, rush-hour traffic — all the hectic things that make us sometimes want to move to the mountains and live with the trees.

A new trend in home decorating, spiritual décor is designed to reawaken the spirit and soul. The Isabella catalog, offers beautiful, eclectic items to decorate your home with unique items that make your house a home for spiritual journeys.

Janet Kelly, assistant director of marketing and merchandising for Chinaberry, Inc., parent company of Isabella, says, “We carry items that are suitable for home décor, but none of them are chosen for their ‘home décor’ appeal alone. Each item is chosen in hopes that it will serve as a reminder to slow down and appreciate the simple things in life.”

Symbol Pictures

Reminder symbols help us to slow down and take inventory. Surround yourself with inspirational sayings from the “I-Ching,” or “Book of Changes,” to help you understand the natural way in the universe. Choose the design that best fits your goal, such as “Patience: Wait in the power of knowing what is possible . Do not waiver . Remain steady . Remain true to our goals and allow life to carry you. That which is worthwhile is sometimes created slowly.”

Written in Chinese and elegantly rendered in calligraphy, these wise words will remind you that qualities such as patience, appreciation and an open heart are what make a good life.

Bless Your Home

Many religions have customs for blessing a home and those who live within. A Jewish tradition of placing a prayer inside a small case, called a mezuzah, affixed to the right entrance way of the home at shoulder height, is believed to protect the home.

Isabella offers two different mezuzot: a traditional mezuzah in handcast pewter and the other in hand-cut, etched glass, crafted by Rachel Feldberg, known worldwide for her glass mezuzot. Each comes with a small non-kosher copy of the traditional prayer to place inside and protect your home.

Smudge to Purify

Burning herbs have been used by native peoples everywhere to purify a space and encircle those present. A smudge stick — wrapped burning herbs — is lit and often rests in an abalone shell as it smolders. It signals the mind to be still and present in the moment, announcing that sacred time is beginning.

Smudge sticks contain aromatic sage for its cleansing and purifying properties, and cedar for its balancing of body, mind and spirit. Isabella’s smudge kits come with abalone shells, sacred herbs or incense and an insert explaining how to smudge and the history behind smudging.

Salt Crystal Lamps

We all know the feeling of peacefulness that comes from hearing water trickle down the brook as it splashes quietly, cascading over every pebble, low-hung branch and fish. Now, you can have the same effect in a lamp.

Formed from 250 million-year-old fossilized salt specimens, salt lamps are used in Europe for their energy-balancing effects, similar to the energy-balancing effects of running water. These lamps are said to throw off negative ions when lit and balance the positive ions present. With colors ranging from off-white to apricot, salt lamps cast a warm and cozy glow that calms even those under the heaviest of stress.

When decorating your home, look for items that also help engage creativity, encourage well-being and provide adornment to enhance your spiritual awareness.

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