Home Remedies for Low Breast Milk Supply Straight from Your Kitchen

Some women suffer from the problem of low breast milk supply. Due to this problem many women are not in a position to feed their baby properly. There are many different causes of low milk supply. Some of the important causes of low milk supply are:

1. Due to the use of certain medications.
2. Hypothyroidism (low thyroid)
3. Retained placental fragments
4. Due to some hormonal problems
5. Scheduled feedings
6. Hormonal birth control
7. Anemia
8. Supplementing with other things
9. Over use of Pacifiers
10. Nipple shields
11. Nipple confusion
12. Offering only one breast per feeding

This problem is a big issue for lactating women. But to a great extent, this problem of breast feeding can be solved by using home remedies for this problem. There are many home remedies for low milk supply. You can take the help of these effective home remedies for low supply of milk:

1. Make use of Goat’s rue which is one of the effective and an oldest home remedies for low milk supply. It is very helpful in encouraging the secretion of milk by the mother. It plays the same role as it play in the goat.

2. Make use of Chaste tree bark as it not only encourages the production of milk in the body but it also clear the ways of milk passage. This home remedies for low milk supply is also very much effective.

3. You can take Anise seeds in the form of tea. It is a natural remedy and commonly used by the women suffering from this problem. The regular use of this remedy tremendously increases the production of milk in the body of the women giving feeding to their baby.

4. One of the popular natural remedies for low milk supply is the use of Alfalfa. Intake of this home remedy increases the simulation, secretion and the production of milk in the body of the mother. It may be eaten in its original form or you may take it in the form of tea.

5. One of the ancient natural remedies for low breast milk supply is Vervain. It smoothen the milk passages as well as also increases the production of the milk.

6. Fenugreek seed is the most popular remedy to treat this problem. For this remedy you should crush the seeds of the fenugreek and mix it with the milk of cow, goat and camel.

Above home remedies are safe and effective to use in increase breast milk naturally.

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