Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion

Home Remedies for Nasal Congestion

Add to the pain and discomfort of a stuffy nose, and the fact that colds always strike at night when the stores are closed, and a home remedy for nasal congestion is just the thing to have on hand. Most medications you can buy over the counter do not actually treat colds and flu; these are caused by viruses, and there are few effective treatments for viral infections. Most treatments work on symptom alleviation. Here are a few home remedies for nasal congestion that can do the trick as well.


Simmer a pot of water and breathe in the fumes. Placing aromatic herbs in the water adds to the clearing power of the steam. With the ancient history of taking steam baths, this is a tried and true method. Just remember that steam can burn, and do not place your head directly into the path of the steam.

Spicy Food

Whether it is Mexican, Chinese, or Thai, a spicy food meal can start your nose running. Now is the time to indulge. Call that favorite take out, or alternatively, add some additional spice to a bit of comfort food. Are you an adherent of chicken soup? Up the black pepper. Be imaginative.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Your grandfather’s cure all is making a resurgence. Warm some apple cider vinegar and add a bit of hot sauce, just till you can taste the heat, and drink. There should be some relief immediately, and according to some authorities, a couple of doses over two days and all your congestion should be gone.

Hot Compresses

Hot moist towels are great to get the congestion to begin to break up. Be sure to put them on the eyes as well as the nose. The sinuses in the head and behind the eyes are part of the problem, too. So include them in any hot soak. Be sure to let the compress work long enough to see some drainage.

Avoid The Root Causes

Some congestion is brought on by a reaction to certain foods and food groups. Look for a pattern. Is there a particularly bad spell after a meal heavy with dairy, for example? If so, avoid milk products.

Physical Manipulation

Rubbing both the chest and the face will help with the stuffiness and the pain. But instead of a oily massage preparation, look for a milder ointment. Something that will facilitate the rubbing, but refresh and feed the body. A good beeswax based product, especially one fortified with the other natural products of the beehive would be best. This is an option that is not often tried, which is sad. The healing power of touch can be one of the best home remedies for nasal congestion.

Summer colds and winter colds are a part of life, but you can minimize their annoyance with a few simple home remedies for nasal congestion. What’s more, you’ll be caring for yourself using natural products and promoting your overall health.

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