Home Remedies for Neck Pain

Home Remedies for Neck Pain

Neck pain which is medically recognized as cervicalgia is a common problem these days, and nearly one-third of the world population has to suffer from this debilitating problem at some point in their lives. In addition, the pain of cervicalgia can be effectively relieved with some effective home remedies for neck pain. Moreover, our head is supported by lower neck and upper back, and these areas commonly cause cervicalgia. Furthermore, the top three joints of our neck control most of the movements of our head. And, joints of lower neck and uppers back are the two supportive structures on which our head sits. However, the adverse affects on these supportive structures tighten the related muscles causing pain in the neck. The home remedies for neck pain helps to normalize the functioning of the supportive structures, and relieves the stiffed muscles of the neck region.

There are many causes of cervicalgia, but fortunately most cases are never serious, and easily treatable with effective home remedies for neck pain. Firstly, overuse is considered to be the most common cause for this painful problem. Moreover, overuse may cause straining of muscles, and one may suffer from fatigue also.

The home remedies for neck pain will help you to alleviate the pain by salving the strained muscles. Secondly, like any other muscles of the body, the neck muscles may become worn with age causing this fearsome problem. Thirdly, the disorders related to cushioning disks of vertebrate may affect the nerves of spinal column, which may be the cause for cervicalgia. Fourthly, when soft tissues of the neck get stretched to their limits may cause pain in the affected area. However, the home remedies for neck pain have proven to be effective in most of the cases, and these remedies provide quick relief from the problem. The few effective remedies are mentioned ahead that may relieve your cervicalgia effectually.

1. The stiffness of the muscles may be reduced by putting ice pack on the affected area. It will also decrease swelling.

2. Gently turn your head side to side for a couple of minutes. Don’t overdo the exercise.

3. Shrug your shoulders while holding light weights in your hands. While shrugging the shoulders, keep your harms straight. Practice two times in a day for a couple of minutes.

4. Mix equal amounts of rosemary oil with sweet almond oil, and olive oil. Massage your neck with this mixture, twice daily.

5. Mix 2 tablespoon tincture of arnica with 2 cups of water, and one-fourth cup of rubbing alcohol. Take a cotton cloth, and soak it in the mixture. Squeeze the excess solution before putting it on your neck. Cover it with a dry cloth, and leave it for 30minutes.

6. Mix together, 1 ounce of St. John’s Wort oil, 1 drop of bay oil, 7 drops of sage oil, 2 drops of angelica oil, and 2 drops of lemon-balm oil. Also, add few drops of jojoba oil for dilution. Gently massage the affected area with this massage oil.

7. A regular and gentle massage of neck area with herbal oils such as Rumatone Gold oil or Rumoxil oil works wonderfully in relieving pain and stiffness naturally.

To summarize, the mentioned home remedies for neck pain are proved to be effective in most of the cases, but few preventions’ are also very necessary to avoid this pain-giving problem. Firstly, do not lean on your computer screen, instead of it adjust the screen at your eye level. Secondly, always maintain right posture, especially while you are sitting. Thirdly, avoid craning your neck while talking on phone. In addition, above mentioned exercises should be practiced with great care, and avoid overdoing them. These remedies and preventions will help you to lead a pain-free life.

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