Home Remedies For Sinus Infection – Eucalyptus

Home Remedies For Sinus Infection - Eucalyptus

Having a sinus infection can be somewhat painful. Drainage causes your throat to hurt, and the pressure can cause both a headache and toothache due to the inflammation.

Eucalyptus can be very helpful in dealing with all of these issues. The scent alone can open up nasal passages, which is one of the reasons it’s found in some vaporubs. It has a heating element to it, which can loosen up any phlegm that is in the chest from the drainage.

Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oils

It is also present in many cough preparations. According to the University of Maryland, it has been used by the Aborigines of Australia for this purpose. Studies mentioned on that site indicate that there is a strong antibacterial quality to it. In fact, during the nineteenth century, it was used to clean catheters.

Not everyone can use this plant. Children under two shouldn’t be around even the oil, and those under six should never be given anything that contains it, including cough drops. The oil is too strong for them.

You may also want to show a little caution if you’re diabetic. It is possible that it could cause problems with your blood sugar levels. If you have any medical condition at all, or if you take medications, check with your doctor and/or pharmacist, as there are interactions and side effects that could be quite dangerous.

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If you are told you cannot use eucalyptus in any way, there are a few other things that could help you deal with the problem. Gargling with warm salt water could help relieve the throat pain, and steam is helpful for getting rid of congestion.

One of the best ways to use that is to mix one part vinegar to four parts water and bring it to a boil. Being careful not to burn yourself, lean your head over the pot and breathe that steam in. It smells up the whole house, but is worth it for the relief.

When dealing with an infection of any sort, it’s important to know when you need to call your doctor.

Here are a few of these warning signs:

  • High fever (101+)
  • Feeling better then getting suddenly worse
  • Severe head or throat pain
  • A sensation of heaviness in the chest
  • Any colored phlegm, whether it’s from the nose or from the lungs
  • Worsening of the pain
  • Severe dizziness
  • Difficulty breathing

If you develop one or more of the above symptoms, call the doctor. You may need to go to the emergency room for some of these conditions, especially the breathing and heaviness in the chest.

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    Thank you for this post. It’s really very hard to suffer this kind of disease, it’s very irritating. I agree that breathing with the steam and gargling with warm salt water is helpful for getting rid of congestion because I already tried it during the time I suffered sinusitis. It’s very a good relief.

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