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10 Top Tips for Growing Strawberries in Your Greenhouse

10 Top Tips for Growing Strawberries in Your Greenhouse

When growing strawberries in a greenhouse, there are steps that you will need to follow to ensure that they thrive.

Three Common Plant Diseases Caused By Bacteria

Bacteria are extremely small organism, ever-present in practically every environment on planet earth. Measuring only a few micrometers, they can prove to have grave consequences to the infected, be it plant or animal. They...

How to Choose The Best Lighting for Growing Tomatoes Indoors

So, now that you have decided to enjoy the taste of fresh home grown tomatoes throughout the year, it is time to make sure that you provide the right conditions for your plants to...

How to Use Essential Oils to Repel Insects and Mosquitoes

During the time when I started using Essential Oils, I notice that Mosquitoes are getting lesser in my room, with further research I discover that some of the plants from natural sources are insect...
Modify Your Wooden Garden Shed to Make Greenhouses

Modify Your Wooden Garden Shed to Make Greenhouses

You can either take a wooden garden shed and modify it to make a greenhouse or you can modify part of the wooden garden shed to make it a mini greenhouse.
Fruit Trees

Indoor Fruit Trees – Ten Fruit Trees You Can Grow Indoors

One of the most popular new trends in gardening is growing indoor fruit and citrus trees. These small trees grow in containers and are specifically bred to grow indoors. Let's take a look at...

The Healing & Magical Power of House Plants

It's summer, and in the last week the house plants I care for have entered a huge growth cycle and look amazing! Cacti, succulents, philodendron, ivy, etc. perking up to receive the sun's blessings...

How to Know When to Pick a Honeydew Melon

Honeydews get softer when they're off the vine but they don't get sweeter. Knowing when to pick or harvest a honeydew melon means you'll get it at its very best.

Natural Controls for the Evil Weevil

The tell-tale signs are there: C- shaped notches in leaves; stunted growth; and even yellow, wilting leaves - a black vine weevil infestation! This insect infects over 200 plants but the most common include...

How to Grow Tropical Plants Even if You Don’t Live in The Tropics

Tropical Paradise. We often see commercials of Tropical Vacations and dream of better days sitting under the sun with a drink in our hands. What is it about the tropics we so enduring? What...

How to Grow Potatoes in a Barrel

I have been seriously considering whether or not I could effectively grow potatoes in the area I live in; due to the amount of clay in the soil. I referred one of my questions...

Use Your Microwave Oven to Sterilize Soil for Your Garden Plants or Houseplants

I tend to be frugal when gardening and tending houseplants. I don't buy pricey garden or potting soils, but I learned the hard way that you shouldn't bring outside soil into your home. It...
Common Juniper Tree History and Facts

Common Juniper Tree History and Facts

Common juniper is an evergreen conifer which is native Britain, Europe and large parts of the northern hemisphere.

How to Grow Fresh Vegetables and Potatoes in Used Tires

If you have old car tires hanging around in the garage put them to work growing vegetables. Remove the center hub and just use the rubber tire itself. The tires make handy plant containers...
History of Pine Trees

History of Pine Trees

Since the year eight hundred ten the city of Venice, Italy has been standing strong and mighty with its ever present clock tower, and St. Marks square. What few people know however is that...