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Hollyhock – Alcea rosea

Hollyhocks, they are useful in the treatment of chest complaints, and a decoction is used to improve blood circulation, for the treatment of constipation, dysmenorrhoea, haemorrhage etc

Lavender- Lavandula Angustifolia

Lavender is a very ornamental plant that is often grown in the herb garden and is also grown commercially for its essential oil. There...

How to Grow Yarrow in Your Flower Garden

As one of the easiest flowers to grow and maintain, the yarrow should be one of your flower gardening staples. They make the most splendid borders and come in so many colors they can accent any other flower you can think if using.

Lilac Bushes are Prized for Their Beautiful, Fragrant Flowers

Lilac bushes grow throughout the United States and are prized for their hearty nature and low maintenance as well as for their beautiful, fragrant flowers.

Classifying Flowering Plants

You should be familiar with the plants you intend to plant. Your knowledge in classifying and naming plants would give you the right choice to select which one is suited to your place, soil, temperature, and other requirements your plants needs in their growing period.

A Beginners Guide to The Rose Garden

There are several factors in successfully growing roses of fine quality in your home garden. They include: location, fertile soil, drainage, correct planting, pruning, fertilizing, mulching, winter protection and the control of pests.

The Fragrant Garden

Aromachology is the study of how scents affect our moods and behavior. The following are three settings that use this science to enhance your garden.

Butterfly House in The Flower Garden

There is the type of butterfly house that contains butterflies and their nectar plants. These type of butterfly houses are actually structures created for the specific reason of providing a safe and enclosed space in which to study the butterflies.

5 Tips For Planting Roses

Here are some tips that you need to consider in order to successfully grow roses.

Catch Orchid Fever

These affordable mini-blooming machines make perfect "living gifts" for Mother's Day, birthdays, housewarming and teacher gifts, college students, and your boss and colleagues. In other words, give an orchid to someone -- even if it's to yourself.

Wildflower Seeds

Wildflowers will require less water and fertilizer than other plants. Equally wildflowers have a natural resistance to pests and diseases and so will reduce the need for sprays and pesticides.
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