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Growing Herbs

Happiness Through Herbs: The Marjoram Plant

Called the "herb of happiness," Origanum majorana, commonly known as sweet marjoram or knotted marjoram, is an herbal symbol of peace and well-being.

Secrets on Basil Growing Indoors

Growing basil indoors may seem awkward and intimidating at first but it can be fairly straight forward when you actually start growing these wonderful herbs.

Italian Herb Garden

Why is an Italian Herb Garden perfect - because it contains the four main classes of herbs: Aromatic, Culinary, Medicinal, and Ornamental herbs. Plus it has annual herbs, perennial herbs, shrub herbs, and evergreen herbs.

10 Tips for Organic Gardening Uses of Comfrey

Comfrey is just one of those plants that every organic garden must have growing. It also has great merit as a medicinal plant.

How to Grow Basil and How to Use the Basil Leaves

Growing basil plants in your garden or container garden will yield you a bountiful crop. The basil leaves can be used in a variety of ways in your kitchen.

Growing Blueberries at Home

Packed with anti-oxidants and tasty as well, many gardeners are wondering about growing blueberry bushes in their own garden. Planting blueberry bushes in your garden is possible with a little preparation.

Tips on Growing Lettuce

Here are some tips to grow lettuce all summer long, even when temperatures soar.
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