How to Care for Stone Flooring in Your Home

How to Care for Stone Flooring in Your Home

When you are looking to build or upgrade a home, the flooring that you choose is a big decision. One type of flooring to consider getting is stone flooring, which can include marble, limestone, and other natural stones. These stones are durable, are good for the environment, and can improve the appearance of your property. While there are various benefits that come with having stone floors, this type of flooring does require some additional maintenance and care. There are various tips for caring for stone flooring that should be considered. 

Ensure Floors are Properly Sealed

When it comes to caring for stone flooring, one of the most important tips is to ensure that it is properly sealed. While marble, limestone, and other porous materials are very durable, their appearance can be impacted if exposed to too much water. A great way to protect the stone floors is by investing in a proper sealant when the floors are installed. This can make the floors more durable, easier to clean and keep them looking their best for a long time. 

Keep Them Clear of Debris

As you are looking for care for your stone flooring, keeping them clear of debris is very important. You should get in the habit of sweeping up the floors on a regular basis. This will help to get rid of any dirt, food particles, or other debris that could otherwise scratch your floors. When these items are swept up, it can also make it easier and more effective to use the various cleaning agents that are designed to be used on your floors. 

Avoid Wearing Shoes

Whenever you have stone, wood, or another nice flooring in your home, nothing can affect it more than someone wearing the wrong type of shoes. If you have shoes that have dark black soles, spikes, or heels, they can leave streaks and scratches on the floor that are more difficult to repair or clean. Due to this, you should avoid wearing shoes like these when in your home, particularly in areas where you have natural stone flooring. Keeping shoes on a mat by the front or back door of your home will also reduce the amount of dirt and debris that you bring into your home. 

Put Pads Under Furniture

Another way that your stone flooring can be damaged or scratched is by furniture legs that move around. If there is a piece of furniture that moves around, it could cause some serious scratches on the flooring. A great way that you can prevent this from happening is by putting pads on the bottom of any furniture legs. These will help to protect the floors and can also prevent the furniture from moving around too much when it is in use. 

Use Proper Cleaning Agents

When you are going to clean your stone floors, you should try using products that are designed for their use. Instead of using more generic floor cleaners, you should invest in those that are designed for your type of flooring. These products, such as the ones sold through, will help to protect your floors for a long time and can help keep them clean.

Having nice stone flooring is a great addition to any home. Stone floors are durable, are good for the environment, and can add a lot of aesthetic enhancements. If you do invest in stone flooring for your home, you will want to keep it in good condition. There are various tips that you can follow that will help you properly care for your stone flooring. This can keep your floors in great condition moving forward. 


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