Diy Garden Project – How to Clean Garden Decking

Diy Garden Project - How to Clean Garden Decking

Installing garden decking boards represents a financial investment which can help increase the value of your home. Care and maintenance are essential to keep the garden decking in prestige condition. There is also an important safety aspect to keeping your garden decking clean as it will prevent the surface from becoming a slippery over time.

Materials: warm water, soda crystals, chemical agents (optional)

Tools You’ll Need: stiff household broom, pressure washer (optional)

Before You Begin:

The cleaning process is likely to take some time, make sure you have the time and do not rush the job. For better results, clean your decking in summer when the decks are dry.

Clear The Decked Area

Make sure the decking surface is free of any obstacles so you can concentrate on cleaning rather than moving toys, chairs and tables around. Do not drag any piece of furniture around therefore you should consider getting a helping hand for this step.

Brush Thoroughly

Using a stiff broom give the deck a thorough brush followed by jet wash using a pressure washer if you have one to get rid of dirt and debris. Do not use an industrial grade pressure washer as it might damage the wood, those used as multi-purpose home jet cleaners will work just fine.

Use Warm Water and Soda Crystals

To clean the decked surface on a budget and to minimize wastage, use warm water and soda crystals. Spray warm water over the decked surface and sprinkle soda crystals. Leave the decking for a few hours and once dry brush using a stiff broom.


Use Dedicated Cleaners

Soda crystals are fantastic for cleaning garden decking, but they take a while to dry. There are a number of chemical agents which will both clean and rejuvenate the timber. Look out for a chemical agent specifically designed for your type of timber which can vary from ipe decking to teak decking etc and purchase it from a reputable source. Normally those chemicals are highly concentrated therefore one to two liters will do.

Rinse The Deck Once Again

After you have completed the cleaning process, rinse the deck area completely to remove any trace of the cleaning solutions and chemical agents. Allow the deck to dry completely before replacing furniture and other items on the deck surface.

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