How to Do a Facial at Home, A Step By Step Guide

How to Do a Facial at Home, A Step By Step Guide

Giving yourself a facial at home is an excellent way of keeping your skin fresh and glowing without the expense of a salon treatment. However as a staunch advocate of natural and organic skincare I strongly recommend using products made from pure, wholesome ingredients that are free from toxic chemicals and mineral oils when doing a facial at home. Premium skincare made from 100% natural and organic ingredients with no chemicals, mineral oils or artificial additives offer superior results as well as being healthier. Here is what you will need for your facial:


  • Gentle facial cleanser,
  • natural facial scrub,
  • Facial mask to suite your skin type,
  • Facial oil/serum
  • Facial moisturizer


  • Damp cotton pads(soaked in water/rosewater)
  • Kettle of hot water
  • Large glass bowl
  • Towel,
  • 2 damp face cloths/facial sponges
  • 2 chilled chamomile tea bags/cucumber slices
  • mirror
  • spa music(optional)


  • Wash hands, tie hair back, remove any jewelry especially rings.


  • .Apply a small amount of cleanser to face and neck. Spread evenly and massage slowly in circular motions. Remove with damp cotton pads until all cleanser is removed.
  • Repeat previous step.


  • Pour hot water into the bowl and lean over the hot water, covering the head with a towel to contain the steam. Allow the skin to steam gently for up to 5 minutes( steam should feel comfortable)


  • Apply exfoliator to face and neck and massage GENTLY, in circular motions avoiding the delicate eye area.
  • Remove with a damp wash cloth/facial sponges until all product is removed. Wipe skin with damp cotton pads


  • Apply natural facial oil/serum and massage in circular motions. Wipe excess facial oil


  • Apply facial masque to suit your skin, lie in a reclining position with cucumber slices/chamomile tea bags over eyes for 5-10 minutes or time recommended for mask.
  • Remove masque with damp face cloth/facial sponges and wipe skin with damp cotton pads until all mask is removed.


  • Moisturize.
  • Enjoy your fresh new skin.

Please note:  Do not carry out any other facial treatments ie facial waxing etc 12 hours before/after a facial .

Disclaimer: This guide is meant for normal, healthy skin. If you have medical skin problems ie active acne, eczema etc, please consult your health practitioner/dermatologist before carrying out any facial treatments.

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  1. I love this blog!! I’ve just done my facial training with body shop at home and cant wait to start using all the lovely products on lucky ladies at my party’s. Thanks for this post!!

  2. Really this is amazing! i wanted to try my own facial without going to a salon now i can try it .I thank you very much.

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