How to Do Paper Mache

How to Do Paper Mache

When you learn how to do paper mache, honestly you will become addicted. It is easy to learn and then once you know the basics you can adapt the technique to suit your needs and tastes. Once you start you will see the potential.

It is a great way to recycle paper, wondering how to get rid of junk mail, old telephone books, magazines, newspapers, transform those dreaded bills in to objects of beauty with paper mache paste and a bit of imagination.

The Basic Paper Mache Method

What you need:

Old newspapers, scissors, basin, (flour and water or wall paper paste) a balloon.

Cover the surface you are working in with a table-cloth because the area will get messy.

This is a fun way to get the kids involved in making something, which is fun, cheap, and very therapeutic.


1. Blow up balloon, this is our shape that we are going to mould the paper mache paste on to.

2. Cut up or tear the newspaper in to tiny pieces.

3. In the basin, add flour and water to make a paste, two table spoon of flour and a cup of water. Mix together, create a consistency like a soup.

Note, if using wall paper paste follow instructions on back of packet.

4. Add newspaper pieces and allow to soak for few minutes.

5. Start layering the soaked paper pieces on the balloon to cover entire surface, keep building and create a shape, faces, a mask, let your creative juices flow. Often we get creative ideas when we are in the flow and taking action.

6. When your happy or feel you are done, leave your creation to dry, in the hot press or some where warm. Probably for 24 hours before it will be dry enough to paint.

7. When dry, let the air out of balloon, paint. If you and the kids have been involved in this project you will be amazed at how much fun and enjoyment you all will have gained.

The first creation is always the most difficult as you are not sure of what it will turn out like, if you are doing it right. After the first one, you will then be ready to transform every day items. Make bowls, frames, furniture the list is endless. Once you master the basics you can use this technique to create piece of art and functional every day objects.

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