How to Get Your Dog to Walk in The Rain

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If your dog is like mine, he hates walking in the rain. Dogs need exercise whether it’s raining outside or not. There are several things you can do to get your dog to walk in the rain, and maybe even enjoy the walk. You can use accessories to make the walk more pleasant, and even train your dog to like walking in the rain.

Make it Fun

If your dog doesn’t want to go out for a walk in the rain try making the experience fun for him. Go out in the rain with his favorite ball and throw it around in the yard or park. If he starts having fun he will be more likely to want to go out in the rain again. You can also get your dog to go out in the rain by bringing treats with you and giving them to your dog when he walks nicely. The next time it rains, your dog will want to go out.

Essential Rain Accessories

Besides having fun in the rain, and giving your dog treats, there are several accessories you should consider if you are taking your dog out in rainy weather. When shopping for a raincoat for your dog there are several factors you should consider. Consider how insulated the coat is. Depending on the size of your dog, and the climate you live in and choose an appropriate coat for your dog.

While it may sound weird, consider getting a dog umbrella for your pooch. A dog umbrella is a little umbrella that comes with a lease that you can attach to your dog’s harness. There are several companies that offer dog umbrellas and it could be a good choice if you live in a rainy climate.

Dog rain boots may also help in getting your dog to be more receptive to walking in the rain. Look for boots that are waterproof to protect your dog’s paws from the water. Boots are also useful for walking your dog in the snow and are especially helpful for protecting your dog’s paws from the salt sprayed by salt trucks. When you get back in the house after a walk with your dog in the rain, dry him off as soon as you get in. Wrap your dog in a towel and dry him until he is completely dry.

Many dogs don’t like to take walks in the rain. Remember that your dog needs daily exercise even if it raining or snowing. Try to make it fun for him to get outside by bringing his favorite toys and treats. Use the various accessories on the market to shield your dog from the raindrops, and to protect his paws from salt in the winter. If you try these things, hopefully, the next time it rains, your dog will run to the door in anticipation of his next walk.

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