How to Grow Romain Lettuce

How to Grow Romain Lettuce

If you are learning how to grow Romain lettuce, I say that you are making the right choice. This variety of lettuce are the least likely the ones you can buy in the market for the simple reason that its leaves are very fragile so it is easily damaged in shipment. Thus, commercial growers opt not to grow this variety of lettuce.

That, in my opinion, can be sort of frustrating. Romain lettuce is one of the tastiest type of lettuce. The deep green color of its leaves makes it more flavorful than say, crisphead or butterhead lettuce – two varieties of lettuce which can easily be bought in the market.

However, the good side is, it is just as easy to grow Romain lettuce as with any other lettuce variety. In fact, if you happen to live in warmer climates, this type of lettuce is the perfect choice as Romain lettuce are more tolerant of heat than any other variety of lettuce.

Like other type of lettuce, the Romain variety contains a healthy portion of antioxidants. As a matter of fact, this vegetable is included in the list of food by the American Institute for Cancer Research that can fight cancer. Aside from this, it also contains an abundance of Vitamin C, A and K as well as beta-carotene and folic acid among others.

To grow Romain lettuce, here are some things you need to prepare first so you can expect a very bountiful harvest of vegetables:

Site Preparation

The area on which you are planning to grow your lettuce have to be very suitable. First of all, if you live in a warmer climate, it is best that you choose an area where the plot is shaded by trees. If not, you can make an improvised shade so the lettuce won’t be so exposed to the sun.

Another thing is that you also have to prepare the plot to make it suitable for planting Romain lettuce. The best thing to do is to prepare raised bed for the lettuce. Also, you might want to add some fertilizers appropriate for lettuce few weeks before planting the lettuce seeds. The best fertilizer to use in this case are compost or organic fertilizers.


You can easily procure Romain lettuce in your local supermarket in the garden section. Just make sure you are getting the right variety. As for planting, the way to plant a lettuce seed is to plant it directly on the soil.

Since lettuce seeds are very fine, even distribution might be an issue. That is why, it is highly suggested that you plant the seeds in rows 18 inches apart and the seeds has to be spaced 12 inches apart.

Proper Care

Since lettuce roots are very shallow, it is necessary that you constantly weed out the plot.

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