How to Make a Plant Dolly

How to Make a Plant Dolly

Plant Dollies are ideal for heavy and bulky planters as these planters can be moved easily with the help of run casters. The advantage of attaching a plant dolly to the planter is that you can move your beautiful containers and planters easily and place them wherever you want. They can be dragged indoors or in the patio for decorative purposes.

Plant dollies are best for heavy wooden barrels and huge pots or containers. You can grow a large variety of container plants in wooden whiskey barrels. These barrels are quite difficult to move so you can make a plant dolly and attach it to the planter. Plants in full bloom look absolutely wonderful in the wooden barrels.

To construct your own barrel planter, you’ll need a wooden barrel, piece of timber, drilling machine, saw or wood cutter, casters, screws, pencil, etc. Once you have the things ready, place the wooden barrel on top of the timber sheet. Mark the outline and remove the barrel from top. Now, cut the timber so that you have the exact size. Wooden barrel has to be placed on top of this timber sheet. This timber sheet is now ready to fix casters. Casters are available in most of the general stores. Casters can easily be attached with the help of screws. After fixing the casters to the timber sheet, you will have to drill some holes for drainage. Now your plant dolly is ready to be used you can place your wooden barrel on top of it.

Make sure that you handle all the tools carefully otherwise you can get hurt. If you find it tricky to make your own plant dolly at home then you can also purchase it from the market. There are many different shapes and sizes available for different types of pots and containers. Some of them are made of wood or timber and some of them are made of wrought iron. You can choose the one that suits your landscape.

There are numerous varieties of flowering plants, herbs and ornamental ferns that can be grown in huge wooden barrels. You can grow plants of your choice and make your garden more appealing.

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