How to Make an Easy Paper Flower

How to Make an Easy Paper Flower

Whether you are making a paper flower(s) for your wedding, home décor, party decorations or as a gift this article will provide you with easy ideas and some instructions on how to make an easy paper flower project.

If you keep three things in mind when learning how to make an easy paper flower you will do just fine.

1. The type of paper you use will improve the quality of the paper flower. Using crepe paper or mulberry paper will leave you with a sturdy flower that will likely stay in tact for up to several years. If you use tissue paper or a similar light weight flimsy paper not only will you have a difficult time working with the paper your flowers will not last very long at all. One little gust of wind from the front door opening will send your flower flying.

2. If this is your first attempt at making paper flowers have a little faith in yourself and patience. Paper flowers when using the right type of paper are very easy to make. That does not mean if you first flower comes out slightly lopsided or one leaf is bigger than the other that you should toss the crepe paper or mulberry paper away and find a new craft! Even the best-seasoned paper flower makes will have a flower or a few that do not turn out the way they wanted them too. Practice makes perfect and honestly paper flowers are easy to make!

3. Most importantly if you are a first time paper flower maker do not compare your flower(s) to flowers in the book that are used as a pictorial aid. Your flower, may look just like the one in the book, or it may even look better. However, if you do not think it looks anything like a flower let alone the one in the book you used as a guide that is okay. Remember the flowers in my books and other books have been made by people who have been making paper flowers for years and they have honed the paper making craft to near perfection.

As a beginner you should be able to easily make any of the crepe paper/mulberry paper flowers. If you are a little lacking in your ability then start with one of the easiest ones. You can choose from the Periwinkle or the Carnation. Both of these flowers have a petal and a leaf pattern unlike some of the flowers that have centers and petals that need to be curled.

On the other hand if you are up for a challenge I would suggest you start with the Rose and rosebud flower or even the Peony. Both flowers are a little more difficult than many of the other flowers you could make and they are beautiful when completed.

Regardless of which flower you decide to start with I am sure with a little patience you will soon be a pro at learning how to make an easy paper flower.

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