How To Make Dried Lavender

How To Make Dried Lavender

Dried lavender is a very beautiful flower that has soothing properties in its scent and can be used for many things. Tea, food items and beautiful craft items can be made from this popular flower bud. The stems and flower buds of the lavender flower are harvested into bundles to be preserved by drying the flower and distributed for its various uses.

How to Dry Lavender

Harvesting dried lavender flowers need to be done under the right season and climate conditions but is very easy to do. The flowers need to be dry so after the morning dew has evaporated is the best time of day to harvest the fragrant flowers.

Harvesting the flowers before they have bloomed completely is also a must and they must be cut at the stems and then put together in small bundles which will then be hung upside down to dry. Be sure to keep them out of the sunlight and check on them every couple of days

If you just want the buds of the dried lavender flower all you have to do is separate them from the stem using your fingers and spread them out on a flat surface. The buds need to be left to dry for a week occasionally stirring them to allow for even drying. Before using the lavender buds cleaning them and storing them in a cool, dry place is also recommended if not using them right away.

Uses for Dried Lavender

It is surprising at all of the uses for this cheery purple flower; everything from Insect repellent and gift wrap to tea and spices for food. Distributing dried lavender blossoms under your car seats as well as under a doormat will keep insects away. Using its natural repellent, lavender will chase away insects from windows or doors by hanging the bundles around them. The fragrant flowery buds can also be put into pouches and added into drawers or closets to keep the moths away and add a fresh scent to any space. Lavender oil which can be used for massaging, cleansing and cleaning can also be made from dried lavender buds.

Another different and fun use for dried lavender is to use it when wrapping gifts. Add a little flare to tissue paper by dropping some buds into the creases. Spread a layer on the bottom of a gift box to add some color as well as a pleasant scent surprise when the gift is opened. After the gifts are wrapped add some lavender buds to a cup of green tea and let the soothing aromatic effects take over your senses. Or simmer buds on the stove to enhance the flavor of many dishes. Always clean the buds before using them in cooking to wash off any potential harmful chemicals.

As you can see dried lavender flowers can be easily harvested and dried to be used for many things from food to gifts.

Lavender has a very soothing quality and relaxing scent that almost anybody can appreciate. Adding a little lavender here and there can enhance someone’s day or keep from getting bug bites. Harvesting and drying this pretty purple flower can be very beneficial as well as keep a garden very pretty and smelling nice.

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