How to Make French Toast in Five Minutes or Less

How to Make French Toast in Five Minutes or Less

Need a quick, easy, and delicious recipe to satisfy your family’s hunger? French toast is one of the simplest dishes to make that also requires very little preparation time. Here is a step by step guide to making French Toast in five minutes or less.

Gather Ingredients – 30 Seconds

While you are gathering your ingredients, preheat a 10 or 12 inch skillet over medium heat so it is ready when you’re ready to begin cooking. Don’t worry about spraying the pan with cooking spray or adding butter to it, the egg will provide enough coating for the heating surface.

The first thing you need to do is gather up your ingredients. For this recipe we’re going to keep it super simple.

All you need is your bread which can be any kind of bread that you prefer. We suggest a nice whole grain bread since it provides loads of nutrients and is healthier than starch filled white breads.

Next, you’ll need 4 to 6 jumbo eggs. You can use or more or less eggs depending on how many people you expect to be serving. Typically you want to plan on having 2 eggs per person. This will provide you with enough egg batter for 1 to 2 pieces of French Toast per person.

Finally, add the cinnamon to your ingredients. You’ll want to sprinkle enough cinnamon into the egg batter to cover the top with a thin layer. You’ll eventually mix it all together, but this gives you a good visual representation of how much cinnamon you are going to use.

Mix Egg Batter – 30 Seconds

Once you have the ingredients gathered up, then the next step will be to beat the eggs and add cinnamon to the batter. You can use a fork, wire whisk, hand mixer, or any other common kitchen tool or appliance to beat the eggs into a smooth and consistent batter.

When the eggs have been beaten and the consistency of the batter is where you prefer it, then you can add the cinnamon. Sprinkle enough cinnamon into the batter so that the entire surface of the mixture is covered with a thin layer of cinnamon seasoning. Add more if you prefer to have a stronger cinnamon taste. You can add less if you prefer not to have as much.

Cook The French Toast – 3 to 4 Minutes

The final step of the process is the step that takes the longest, which involves cooking the French Toast to your liking. Take one piece of bread and lay it flat into the batter. Dip it into the batter once or twice with a fork or other kitchen utensil, then flip it over and repeat this step for the other side of the piece of bread. When you are confident the bread is coated with enough egg batter, place it in the pan and cook on each side for roughly one minute.

Repeat this step for each piece of bread that you plan on using. You can cook multiple pieces of bread at once in order to save time. When your French Toast is complete, serve with maple syrup, sugar, whip cream, or whatever topping that you would like. Enjoy!

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