How to Make Garlic Ear Oil For Earaches

How to Make Garlic Ear Oil For Earaches

Did you know that you can make your own ear oil for an earache? It’s very easy and simple to make. Garlic is a well known herbal remedy or treatment for painful earaches and has a long history of use for many ailments. Ear pain is often a part of the symptoms of colds and flu as well as ear infections.

Ear oil takes just a few minutes to make, but about 2 weeks to infuse. So make it before the seasonal flu comes around. This is also a wonderful activity for children to do and draws them closer to the herbal world showing them that they can be a part of the healing process.

How to Make the Ear Oil:

First you will need to peel and slice thinly all the cloves from 1 head of garlic. Put the sliced cloves in a glass jar, like a small canning jar, and pour olive oil over to cover. Lay a square of cheesecloth or another thin cloth over the jar and secure it with a rubber band.

Keep the jar in a warm place for 2 weeks. Every day, swirl the jar a bit to make sure the cloves stay coated with the oil. After the 2 weeks are up, strain off the garlic and pour the oil into small bottles with glass droppers.

How to Use The Ear Oil:

Warm the bottle by placing it in a pan of warm water. Test it on your wrist until it is a comfortable temperature.

Massage a few drops of oil behind the ear. Use a circular motion and massage downward along the neck, following the Eustachian tube and lymph glands. Massage in front of the ear also.

As long as the eardrum is not ruptured, you can place a few drops of the oil in the ear. Place a cotton ball in the ear and then repeat the treatment in the other ear.

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