How to Make Paper Mache Glue Recipe Using Home Ingredients

How to Make Paper Mache Glue Recipe Using Home Ingredients

Paper Mache is an art of working with paper and paste and it allows you to mold and work as easy as clay. Paper Mache glue recipe is very simple and you can make it with home ingredients. Some of the paper Mache glue recipes are as follows:

Paper Mache glue with wheat flour and water:

The ingredients required are 1-cup water, quarter cup flour and 5 cups boiled water. First, you mix the flour with 1-cup water and stir it gently. The mixture must be thin and watery. Then add this mixture to 5 cups of boiling water and heat it in low flame. Stir it gently. Allow the mixture to cool. That is all. Your Paper Mache glue is ready now.

Another paper Mache glue recipe is as follows:

You can make the glue for making paper Mache art with the help of the following ingredients. 1/3 cup of non-rising wheat flour, 2-tablespoon sugar, 1-cup water and 1/4-table spoon oil are the necessary ingredients. Mix flour and sugar. Then gradually add water to it. Stir the mixture strongly until no lumps are present in the mixture. Then cook the mixture in the low flame. Stir it in the middle. Then remove the mixture from heat and then add oil. This will be very clear. The paper Mache glue prepared in his method will be smooth and thick. You can store it in a clean jar so that you can use for several weeks.

Yet there are lots of paper Mache glue recipes available. You can use any one that you find convenient. You can add three parts of white glue with one part of water to make the paper Mache glue. This will be little messy but efficient. You can also use liquid starch available in the local super market as paper Mache glue.

You can also try this paper Mache recipe. Add one part of cooked flour with five parts of water. Then heat it in low flame for three to five minutes. Then remove it from heat and add few teaspoons of salt in the mixture. Stir it gently. This mixture will allow you to make any paper Mache work. This is the smooth and white paste ideal for any of your imagination. We are adding salt since it is a preservative to keep the mixture for weeks together.

You can use any of the above paper Mache glue recipes at home with easily available ingredients. As they are edible, they are safe for children. They are cheap and effective. They never cause any allergies like other branded glues if they contact with skin directly. The homemade glues are smooth and effective. They bond the paper works easily. However, it will take time to dry. The Paper Mache glue with flour helps to enhance the creativity of children. You can use it well in classroom activities. Another important benefit is that you can preserve the glue for some weeks by adding some oil or salt to the mixture.

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