How to Paint a Cast Iron Bath

How to Paint a Cast Iron Bath

A cast iron bath is a great investment for your home, as it provides you with a luxury bathing experience in the comfort of your own home, with extra length and depth when compared to an acrylic bath, a sense of charm and character that isn’t found in a mass produced product; as well as adding value to your home as cast iron baths are increasingly sought after.

Cast iron baths have a number of ways that you can customize them, from adding some stylish classically styled claw feet which will add to your continuity if you’re trying to create a traditional feel. Similar to this, you can choose some traditional Victorian style mixer taps for your bath, or if you want to really recreate a classic feel, then a stand pipe will make your bath look extra special. Another area where you can customize your bath to make it work as your centerpiece is by painting it to blend in with the tones of your bathroom.

How to Paint Your Cast Iron Bath

The first thing to do when it comes to painting your cast iron bath is to make sure that you turn it upside down. This is so that you can pain the underside and around the feet with easy access. The interior of the bath and the rim don’t require painting, so when it is upside you have easy access to all the areas that need to be painted.

It is always advisable to lay a dust sheet or something similar, in order to ensure that you don’t accidentally get paint on the floor or any furniture doors or walls nearby. Doing this also helps to prevent the rim of the bath from being scratched by the floor. Make sure you have gloves and protective clothing when painting as well, to protect you and your clothes.

It is best to lightly sand down and rub down your cast iron bath before getting started with any paint. The reasoning for this, is that you create a slightly rough surface, which means that the paint will stick better producing a better finish. It is important not to sand your bath too hard as it can cause damage to the surface as well as making it uneven. It is best to use fine sandpaper for the sanding process.

When you are selecting the paint for your bath, you need choose one that is suitable for metal and wood – these tend to be oil based paints. Depending on the paint you use and the condition of the surface of your bath, it should be possible to achieve the desired effect in one coat, however you can add a second coat if you’re not happy.

The best way to apply paint to your bath is to use a mini roller. These are small enough to get to the harder to reach parts; and also help you get a more even coating; helping to eliminate any streaks that you would get from using a brush. Those of a creative disposition may want to use stencils to add a really unique design that matches the decor in your bathroom.

A cast iron bath is a truly special item to have in your bathroom, however by customizing it to your own personal tastes, then you can have a truly unique addition to your bathroom, which will provide you with a luxury bathing experience and be the envy of your friends.

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