How to Plant Corn

How to Plant Corn

Best corn varieties that you can consider for growing are Silver Queen, Butter & Sugar and Early Sunglow. The best time to plant corn is when the soil has reached a temperature of 21-24 deg C. You can plant various corn varieties so that there is a longer harvesting season. Corn plants mature in 70 to 80 days time. Before planting, prepare the soil properly by putting some manure or organic matter into the soil. Use some nitrogen when the corn plants are a bit tall as this will aid their growth.

When sowing seeds plant them 2 to 4 inches apart and in short rows. The rows should look more like blocks than a single long row. In order to ensure pollination, it is vital to plant the seeds about three to four inches apart and at a depth of about ½-1″. Corn will sprout in a couple of week’s time and for best results it is vital to plant the seeds in hills. You can thin the sprouts when the plant becomes three to four inches tall. In order to get the best results in planting corn, make small hills where you can plant several corn plants and have these hills put together in small clusters. Hill structure keep the corn plant anchored and also covers the roots so that they are always cool. Ensure that plants get one inch of water per week and always water from the side not from above as it can wash the pollen away. Use mulch so that weeds are kept away and also to ensure that the soil retains moisture.

Use balanced organic fertilizer about three times a week, when the corn plant is 10 inches tall and also when they are 18 inches tall and tassels start to show. It is important to water corn plants regularly till you harvest them. The watering must be gradual and the soil must be evenly moist after watering. When watering, ensure that water does not fall on the corn’s tassels because this will cause the corn’s tassels to fall on the silk and produce kernels. If pollination does not happen as a result of this, only the cob will grow. You can start harvesting the corn when the husks turn dark green and the silky tops become dry and brown, and the kernels become full-sized.

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