How to Remove Dog Urine Odor

Dog Urine

Dog urine odor can be a huge problem for some pet owners. The highly objectionable odor can overtake even the toughest noses. The reason the odor becomes so strong is clear. Dogs tend to urinate in the same spot repeatedly. Cleaning up the urine often isn’t enough to deter the dog from returning.

A dog’s sense of smell is extreme. That’s why it’s so important to effectively clean away urine so that no odor remains. The task is a tough one, but it can be solved quite easily.

Of course, the first thing you want to do is clean away the urine with a good soapy disinfectant cleaner. Next, tackle the odor

The best odor-removing cleaners are enzymatic. Most enzymes are proteins. When used in cleaning, they break down the molecules that are responsible for stains and odors. Because they destroy the cause, enzymatic cleaners are more effective than other cleaners to remove dog urine odor.

These products are relatively easy to find at your local pet supply store.

As an alternative, you can create your own effective cleaner that will remove dog urine and dog urine stains. You will need 3 parts water to one part vinegar, baking soda and dish detergent.

Cleaning up the urine can be difficult when carpets are involved because the liquid (urine and cleaner) will soak through to the floor beneath. While you clean the surface, the urine moves farther out of reach.

You want to get rid of as much urine as possible before you apply the cleaner.

The best way to do that is to place under the carpet a wad of newspaper or other thick paper that absorbs liquid. Put another wad on the top of the carpet and apply heavy pressure to the surface. You can do this by walking or standing on the paper, or by piling on heavy books and let it soak up. This will force the urine out of the carpet and onto the paper. Replace the paper as it becomes wet. Continue this technique until the paper is as dry as possible.

Now you are ready to apply your cleaner.

Saturate the area with your vinegar/water mixture and blot it up as before. Vinegar neutralizes odor and active ingredients in urine. Sprinkle baking soda over the area and follow that with a mixture of 3/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide and a dash of dish detergent applied over the baking soda.

As you know, baking soda is another product that absorbs odors. (Many people use them in their fridges to get rid of food odors.)

You might want to test the hydrogen/detergent mixture on a hidden area of your carpet first to be sure it won’t cause a stain.

Work the baking soda, hydrogen/detergent mixture into the urine spot and leave it to dry on its own. Once it is dry, you can vacuum up the remains.

The key is to get out as much of the urine as possible before applying any cleaner. The more urine that remains the harder it will be to remove dog urine odor.

Dog urine inside your house is or should be a temporary situation until your dog is house trained. Then, your main concern will be removing odor urine odor from your garden. There are two ways to approach the problem outdoors.

First, rinse the area well with clear water, as soon as possible after your dog urinates.

1) Apply a vinegar/water solution liberally over the area, or use a store-bought urine cleaner

2) Spray the area with one of the products designed to keep dogs and pets off certain areas.

Once you have removed the dog urine odor, found a method to deter your dog from returning to that area, and have your dog house trained, dog urine odor will no longer be a problem.

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20 thoughts on “How to Remove Dog Urine Odor

  1. Being a painting contractor, we run into a lot of homes, rentals with mold, pet and tobacco smoke odor problems. Painting the inside walls will not remove the odors as they are impregnated in the drywall, carpet, upholstery and drapes making the home harder to sell, or rent looks good smells badly. If you have to repaint, the inside walls add the Ionic Paint Additive, one treatment will remain effective for 8-12 years.

    1. What is this “lonic Paint Additive”?

      I have a rent house that the smell of 15 dogs and cats urine and feces
      over a period of one year. Is this odor removable without demo?

      1. The Ionic Paint Additive is a product that can be mixed with paint to help eliminate odors, including pet urine and feces smells. While it may not completely remove deep-seated odors without further action, it can certainly be a helpful tool in tackling the issue without requiring demolition.

    2. We just bought another house that is to become a rental. And we’ve encountered that problem. Haven’t really tackled fixing it up yet, but will definitely keep that in mind when redoing the house. Thanks for the tip.

      1. Congratulations on your new rental property! It’s great that you found the tip regarding the Ionic Paint Additive helpful. Good luck with your renovations!

    3. hi Vance, Thank you for sharing your expertise as a painting contractor! You are absolutely right that painting alone may not fully remove odors that have impregnated various surfaces in a home. The Ionic Paint Additive is a specialized product that can be added to paint and has been known to effectively combat odors for an extended period of time. It could be a worthwhile consideration for addressing odor issues in homes.

  2. Need help removing dog urine odor. Can it be removed from untainted sheet rock? Do I have concrete basement floor sanded then revealed? Thank you for your time.

    1. If you are looking to remove dog urine odor from untainted sheet rock or concrete basement floors, there are various cleaning methods you can try. For sheet rock, consider using an enzymatic cleaner designed specifically for pet urine. As for concrete floors, sanding and sealing the surface may help eliminate the odor. It’s essential to thoroughly clean and treat the affected areas to ensure effective odor removal.

    1. Dealing with a dog that consistently pees in one spot can indeed be challenging to remove the urine smell completely. It’s crucial to thoroughly clean the area both on the surface and deep into the underlying material. Enzymatic cleaners specifically designed for pet urine can be beneficial in breaking down and eliminating the odor-causing compounds. Consistency and persistence in cleaning and treating the area should help in reducing the smell over time.

  3. Hi I’m currently having a problem with cat and dog urine smell through the house… We don’t know where one of them has peed so is there something I can coat the carpet in to clean it to get rid of the smell?! Please help the smell is making me ill !! X

    1. It can be frustrating dealing with both cat and dog urine smells throughout the house, especially when the source is not easily identifiable. One approach you can consider is to use a carpet cleaner or a steam cleaner with a pet odor neutralizer solution. These products can help clean and remove odor-causing substances from the carpet. Additionally, you may want to explore using an ultraviolet (UV) light to locate the exact areas where the pets have urinated, helping you focus your cleaning efforts.

  4. it’s not so bad, very strong smell, when your pet begins wedding season and they start to tag everything – the smell just giddy

    1. I too often have to clean up after my Pets, and it happens that after wash air still smell, and I in shch case use a humidifier with essential oils

      1. I understand the struggle of trying to completely eliminate the odor even after cleaning up. Using a humidifier with essential oils sounds like a great idea to freshen up the air.

    2. Hi Sarah, it can definitely be frustrating when your pet goes through a wedding phase and leaves their mark everywhere. The strong smell can be quite overwhelming.

  5. You know pet urine odor is simply not easy to remove. However I recommend an essential oil diffusor that can be used after you have cleaned it.

    1. I agree, pet urine odor is stubborn and can be difficult to get rid of completely. An essential oil diffuser could be a great addition to the cleaning routine to help mask any remaining odors.

  6. you can use garage vacuum cleaner for remove dog urine and second thing is you should use humidifier in your house for purified air for your pets.

    1. Using a garage vacuum cleaner for removing dog urine sounds like a practical solution. Additionally, incorporating a humidifier in the house for purified air is a smart move to create a healthier environment for your pets.

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