How to Repair a Screen

When warm weather beckons and the desire to open your windows cannot be contained, there is only one thing to do – let the fresh air inside. While that is an easy task most of the time, when your window screens have holes or tears, it can be a challenging decision. Would you rather keep the window closed or open it and let the air and the bugs inside? Thankfully, repairing a window screen is one of the easiest home improvement jobs you may ever have to do. Follow the simple steps below to get you started.


It is always best to have everything you need on hand before you begin a job. For screen repair, the list is rather short. You will need: metal screening, shears, nail, tape measure and a flat-head screwdriver. With these supplies in hand, you are ready to begin.

Step 1: Evaluate & Prep

Take a look at the hole or tear in the screen. Measure its length and width so that you know how big of a wire patch to cut from the roll of screen. Using the shears, remove any loose pieces of wire that are sticking frayed and trim away all loose edges of screening. If necessary, use the nail’s point to pull away any loose pieces of wire screening. Once the area is flat and clean, you are ready to move on.

Step 2: Replacement Patch

Now that you have the measurements for the hole, unroll the new screening and cut a replacement patch that is approximately 2-inches wider and longer than the hole itself. Remove the first two to three strands of wire on each side of the patch using the pointed part of the nail, so that you will be able to fold the ends over the existing screen in the window.

Step 3: Putting the Patch On

If it is possible to remove the screen from the window, that will be the easiest way to put the new patch on. However, if you cannot remove the screen, you will just need a bit more patience. Center the patch over the hole and place it flat against the screen. Use the nail or the flat end of the screwdriver to bend the loose parts of the wire against the existing screen. This will take a lot of patience if you are working alone on a high screen that cannot be removed. Having a partner who can stand on the other side of the screen and bend the small wire edges over will help the process go a lot more quickly and smoothly. Once the patch it on, you can line the outside edge of it with clear caulk if desired. This adds extra protection against it falling off and having little mosquitoes and flies come in.

Repairing a small cut or hole in your window screen is a great alternative to replacing it altogether. Save yourself the expense of a brand new screen and try to repair it first.

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