How to Sell Your Crafts

Craft Sales

Having a craft hobby is relaxing and fun. However, once you have been either knitting or crocheting for many years, you will find you have excess finished projects that you do not need.

They could be baby clothes, hats, scarves or even rugs If you also have some knitted toys, you will find they have proved to be very popular and sell well. The brighter the colours, the better children like them. These hand crafted items are what many people are looking for as they are unable to knit or crochet themselves. Why not make two people happy, the buyer because they have now got a unique article and yourself for making some well-deserved money, from your hobby?

Your Social Circle

How do you go about it, you ask? Well, there are a few ways to sell your goods. One way to start, is to show your goods to your friends and family, especially baby wear because if they do not need the goods themselves they may have a friend who is pregnant and realize what a lovely gift your knitted or crocheted clothes will make. This could also give you an idea of what people are looking for and the prices they are prepared to pay.


If you want to branch out, go online and join eBay as they have thousands of people on their site every day, looking for craft items. It is easy to join and then they guide you through listing your crafts and promoting your goods. Starting them as an auction is a good idea, as once again you will see what price your crafts achieve. You pay a small fee upon selling your goods but should still make a nice profit. There are other sites too like Etsy which has a similar platform and the goods there tend to sell for a higher price.

Local Markets

If you do not wish to go online and have to worry about posting your goods after a sale, look in your local newspaper for craft markets. The only fee there is usually for your site and table. Here, you have a captive audience, as you know that people who attend these markets are interested in purchasing hand crafted goods. You just need to have your goods marked at a reasonable price and you should do well.

If you enjoy knitting and crocheting and are good at it, you can make money and why not?

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  1. For the love of DIY I say: Love this post! For this Christmas I prepared so many hand made decorations. Me and my team have been planing to sell them on-line for Charity. And you here gave a really good idea how to complete the plan. Than you! Have Happy Jolly Christmas!

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