Top 5 Plants for Indoor Gardening

Top 5 Plants for Indoor Gardening

Indoor plants not only serve decorative purposes, they are also useful in cleaning up your room environment. Following is a short synopsis of which indoor plants are hot this season.


This indoor plant is otherwise known as the Yellow Goddess. It is also referred to as the Goddess of Flowers because of its yellow blossoms, evocative of the bright sunshine of spring. You can recreate the outdoor warmth of spring in your living room by growing the Yellow Goddess variation of amaryllis.

It has mellow yellowish blossoms shaped like trumpets while the throats of the flowers are touched by a hint of green. It lends a very light, bright, happy and cheerful look to any room and brightens it up in an instant.

Tropical Combo Bonsai

If you have the means, the energy and the time, then choose a small corner in your living room and start cultivating a tropical garden. Nowadays, it is very easy to create miniature rock gardens made with ceramic in your rooms where you can grow fun foliage plants including various tropical species of bonsai plants. This is just the perfect way to sample the taste of tropics in your terraced living room or bedroom.

Ponytail Palm

Apart from the delightful name, there are also plenty of unique features that this plant possesses. This is one of those indoor plants that do not require watering. So it is a perfect choice for those who are regularly forgetting to water their flora. The ponytail palm sits on a rather unusually swollen hunky trunk while the top consists of leafy foliage that can create a breeze in the room with its flick and whirl.

This is a low maintenance plant that does not require much care or attention for retaining its beauty. Therefore, this indoor plant is ideal for aesthetically inclined busy working families who can’t devote much time to gardening.

Moth Orchid with Novelty Stripes

For those of you with a penchant for fresh colorful flowers, this is a perfect choice for a living bouquet of flowers right inside your living room or bed room. This orchid is easy to grow and will impart a fresh burst of colors, an effect that can’t be matched even by placing several bouquets in your room.

Editor’s Note:  Did you know that vanilla is a species of Orchid.

Chinese Evergreen

This is a low maintenance high quality indoor air purifier that also doubles up as a decorative plant with foliage.

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