Is it Food or a Beauty Aid?

Is it Food or a Beauty Aid?

When possible I like to use common food and culinary items instead of suggesting herbs you may not be able to find. It’s easier for you, and when I get a call around 2 a.m., it’s easy for whoever needs middle of the night help. This can be expanded to skin care. A lot of foods can help exfoliate and tone your skin. They can also help with wrinkles, oily skin and dry skin.


The idea here is to gently get rid of dead skin cells. The best thing in your cupboard is oats. There is more than one reason for this. It is rough enough to get rid of the cells, but gentle enough not to damage the delicate new skin underneath. It also has emollient properties, which soothes any irritation brought on by the scrubbing. A gentler alternative could be corn meal, or you can mix the two together. These should be safe for most skin types.

Face Lift:

While it won’t have lasting effects like a true face lift, this method should be helpful in tightening up the skin for short periods of time. You can mix either pureed kiwi or cherries (take the pits out before pureeing) with honey. Spread it over your face an leave it for ten to twenty minutes then rinse off with cool water. If sticky honey doesn’t appeal to you, you can try using egg whites. Let them dry, then rinse off.

Oily Skin:

One method of removing excess oil from your skin is to apply a thick paste of pureed, raw tomato to your skin. Leave it on for fifteen minutes, then rinse off. You may need to lie down to prevent it from sliding off your face, though if you do, I recommend you put a towel under your head to protect the furniture.

Here is another trick that can help you when you want to apply makeup but an area is more oily than the rest. Rather than apply it only to have it cake up later, rub a slice of raw cucumber over the area until it is damp. Let it dry, then put your make up on as usual.

Dark Circles:

Most of us have dark circles under our eyes at one time or another. It might be the results of not sleeping well, allergies or any of a number of problems. A very cheap, easy solution is in found in raw cucumbers. Place a slice on each eye and let them rest ten to fifteen minutes. Take them off, and the dark circles should be improved.

Cracked Heels:

This unsightly problem can be worse if you are diabetic. Anything that damages the feet is a potential danger of infection, amputation and even death. One possible solution can be found in avocado peels. The large amounts of fat in the flesh of the avocado is a great skin tonic, particularly for dry skin. Just rub the inside of the peel over the cracked area and let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes, rinse off and repeat as needed over the next few days. I will point out that if you are diabetic, it is best to ask your doctor if this is a good idea.

The Author:

Mary Bodel has been a master herbalist since 2004 although my training began long before I reached that level. I believe that health encompasses more than taking care of our bodies. It involves everything from what we eat to what we read. It involves our spirit as well as our body.

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