The Language of Flowers: What They Mean (A)

Flower Language

Flowers have long been cherished for their intricate beauty and enchanting fragrance, but did you know that they also possess a secret language? History unveils a fascinating era when the Victorians, with their penchant for expressing emotions through symbolism, assigned distinct meanings to each delicate bloom. Whether professing love, conveying sympathy, or sending a hidden message, flowers became a medium for heartfelt communication. In this comprehensive list, we explore the captivating language of flowers, uncovering their hidden meanings and unspoken sentiments. Join us on this journey through floral symbolism, as every petal unravels a tale of emotion and connection.

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  • Acacia — Meaning: Secret Love
  • Acanthus — Meaning: Artifice
  • Aconite — Meaning: Misanthropy, Poisoned words
  • Acorn — Meaning: Nordic symbol meaning life and immortality
  • Adonis — Meaning: Sad memories, Recollection of past pleasures
  • African Violet — Meaning: Modesty
  • Agapanthus — Meaning: Love letters, Secret love, Dreamy
  • Aloe — Meaning: Grief
  • Allspice — Meaning: Compassion
  • Allium — Meaning: Unity, Humility, Patience
  • Alstroemeria — Meaning: Devotion, Wealth, Prosperity
  • Alyssum — Meaning: Worth beyond beauty, Sweet disposition
  • Amaranth — Meaning: Immortality, Unending love, Honorable, Eternal beauty
  • Ambrosia — Meaning: Love returned
  • Amaryllis — Meaning: Pride; Timidity, Splendid beauty, Determination, Radiant beauty
  • Amethyst — Meaning: Admiration, Adoration
  • Anemone — Meaning: Unfading Love, Fragile love, Protection against evil, Anticipation of forthcoming happiness
  • Angel’s Trumpet— Meaning: Sensuality, Allurement, Temptation
  • Angelica — Meaning: Inspiration
  • Angelonia — Meaning: Graciousness, Spreading love
  • Aniseed — Meaning: Restoration of youth
  • Anthurium — Meaning: Hospitality, Warmth, Kindness, Happiness, Abundance
  • Apple — Meaning: Preference
  • Apricot Blossom — Meaning: Feminine beauty, Strength in adversity, Love, Appreciation, Courage
  • Arbutis — Meaning: I love only thee, Love for a lifetime
  • Arctic Poppy — Meaning: Resilience, Endurance, Strength, Thawing of frozen emotions
  • Argentine Azalea — Meaning: Care and affection
  • Arrowhead — Meaning: Symbol of focus and strength
  • Arum Lily — Meaning: Ardour, perfect loveliness, magnificence
  • Asphodel — Meaning: Remembered after death, Comfort
  • Aster — Meaning: Love; Daintiness, Patience, Wisdom, Valor
  • Astilbe — Meaning: Patience, Understanding, Gratitude, Determination
  • Aubrieta — Meaning: Admiration, Adoration, Do not forget me
  • Azalea — Meaning: Take care of yourself for me; Fragile passion; Chinese symbol of womanhood, First love, Feminine beauty, Joy, Blush of Love, Temperance
  • Aztec Marigold — Meaning: Celebrating the dead, Remembrance, Respect, Loyalty, Honoring ancestors

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Flower Meanings (A) Flower Meanings (B)Flower Meanings (C)Flower Meanings (D-J)Flower Meanings (K-Z)

8 thoughts on “The Language of Flowers: What They Mean (A)

  1. wooow…. very good post you have did a superb job with the Language of Flowers.Every flower have there won language i got this from your post. very knowledgeable and nice post.

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you found the post informative and enjoyed learning about the language of flowers. It’s truly fascinating how each flower has its own unique meaning and symbolism.

  2. I’m going to a friends, mother’s funeral. What colour/flowers would you recommend ? I never meet her, but know lots about her. She was greatly loved by everyone. Thank you.

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your friend’s mother’s passing. In such a situation, white flowers are often chosen as they symbolize purity and innocence. Additionally, lilies are commonly associated with funerals and represent the restoration of the soul after death. Regardless of the specific flowers you choose, the most important thing is that your gesture comes from the heart to honor your friend’s mother’s memory.

  3. As I was driving I saw a single purple flower ( on the road) by itself, I was thinking of how much I could help other’s if I had a abundance of wealth, building , contributing and surrounding my life with people who help in different area’s, Like Children, earth, communities Ect. I was wondering why I saw a single purple flower and what it means!! Can you help? I have looked cannot find a answer!!

    1. It sounds like you had a powerful experience with the sight of the solitary purple flower while contemplating ways to contribute to society. Purple flowers often symbolize spirituality, creativity, and transformation. Seeing the flower might be a reminder to stay connected to your intentions and consider how you can make a positive impact in different areas of life. Remember, it’s always wonderful to help others, even without an abundance of wealth.

    1. Oh, how lovely! “Hortensia” is such a beautiful name in Spanish, and it’s great that it suits your mom perfectly. Hydrangeas, or “hortensias,” are often associated with grace, gratitude, and heartfelt emotions. It seems like a fitting name for someone who embodies those qualities. I’m sure your mom appreciates the connection between her name and the flower’s symbolism.

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