Leather Jacket Care

Leather Jacket Care

Prevention is Your Best Option

When you first bring your leather jacket home, you want to condition and waterproof it. After that, proper care will keep it looking fabulous for years. In fact, did you know that with proper care, leather out wears denim 20 to 1? I’ve heard stories where a good quality, well maintained leather jacket can last as long as 50 years!

Find out everything you can about your leather jacket, get the right stuff and set aside time for mandatory cleaning. If you don’t do it yourself, then pay a pro to clean your leather jacket for you. You can thank me later for that tip!

Leather Jacket Repair

How can you repair the sleeves on your leather jacket when the edges are cracking, without making the leather weak or super soft?

If you have any loose edges, you can actually tack them up with a small dab of rubber cement which is sold at most grocery or retail stores. If the edges are not torn but just starting to look rough, one of the best options is for you to use a combination of mink oil and beeswax.

Typically this concoction is sold as paste, making it easy to apply. While it helps to improve those rough spots, it does soften but not too much. This combination will also help preserve the leather and prevent stains.

Leather Jacket Maintenance and Restoration

One of the top products you can buy for your leather jacket is called Lexol. This brand is excellent for restoring worn leather, bringing it back to its natural state. Another professional cleaner/conditioner is called Fiebing’s All Purpose Leather Cleaner and Conditioner. It too helps restore leather that is worn while also helping to prevent water spots, stains, and even cracking.

Another great product that does it all, conditions, waterproofs, preserves, softens, and restores leather is called Snow-Proof. This product has no color or odor and is excellent on leather jackets as well as boots and shoes. Best of all, it will not leave a greasy feel.

Carnauba Cream will also help to restore and smooth out your leather jacket. It helps to resist scratches and finger prints and does a great job of restoration. One other product you should investigate is called Leather Balm with Atom Wax. This particular product was formulated specifically for leather to help with preserving and restoring. It also helps produce a nice soft, natural finish.

I suggest doing some research on these products before settling on one. Type the product name into a search engine and read up on their different properties. Prices and results will vary depending on the application.

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2 thoughts on “Leather Jacket Care

  1. Having looked at the hole on my leather jacket, it seems like I’ll have to fix it. It’s been a couple of months since my wife bought the jacket for me, and now it’s got a hole. Would repairing the leather texture involve stitching or what how would you repair it?

  2. In order to repair the hole in your leather jacket, stitching would likely be the best option. If the hole is relatively small, you could consider using a leather needle and thread to carefully sew it together. However, if it’s a larger or more complex tear, you might want to seek professional help from a tailor or leather repair specialist. They will have the proper tools and expertise to handle the repair effectively. It’s important to act quickly to prevent the hole from getting bigger or causing further damage to your jacket.

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