Kids Job Ideas: The Lemonade Stand


This article will cover a great way for kids to make some extra cash or just have some fun in the summer months. This article is intended to be read by your child with your supervision, they will need some help here and there, i definitely wouldn’t recommend letting them cut the lemons themselves! On a more positive note, i hope you and your child enjoy this article!

What You’ll Need

– 1 Large Cardboard Box
– 1 Clean Pitcher or Jug- Plastic or foam cups
– Felt Tip Markers
– Sugar (1/2 cup per Jug)
– Lemons (5 per Jug)
– Water
– A nice sunny day!

Step 1. Make the Lemonade

1. Wash your hands!
2. Ask your parent, or caregiver to cut the lemons in half.
3. Fill the jug with water about 3 quarters of the way.
4. Pour the sugar into the jug, and start stirring it to mix in the sugar into the water.
5. Once mixed, start squeezing the lemons into the jug.
6. Once you have got all the juice into the jug, stir it again and place it in the fridge to cool for about 30mins.

Step 2. Set Up Your Stand

1. For the lemonade stand we can use the large cardboard box.
2. Make sure the box is strong enough to take the weight of the lemonade.
3. You can make the box stronger by taping up the edges with duct tape!
4. Decorate the stand with the felt tip markers.
5. Make sure you write lemonade on the stand in big letters, and write the price next to it as well.
6. Take your stand outside and set it up facing the sidewalk.
7. Bring your lemonade jug outside, and the plastic cups to pour the lemonade into.

Step 3. Get Attention!

1. People need to see you stand, or hear it!
2. When people walk past kindly ask them, “would you like some top notch lemonade?”
3. Make sure you don’t set the price too high or no one will want it! Aim for .25cents-50cents per glass!
4. If you start running low on lemonade don’t forget to make another batch for your stand before it runs out!

That is all for now, stay tuned for more ideas, coming soon how to make a delicious mix of candy and other nibbles and sell them to your friends.

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