Make a Denim Pouch Pocket

Make a Denim Pouch Pocket

Reduce, reuse, recycle, this is a great motto for crafters too!. Try using old denim jeans for your projects, and make some usable crafts. This pocket is very simple and yet useful to make.

Cut out the back pocket of a old pair of clean jeans, making sure to cut right through the seat of the jeans, so that you form a pocket within a pocket. (another words, don’t just pick the pocket off the jeans, you need a backing to create the pocket).

If you would like your pouch pocket to have a fringe, then leave a 4 inch piece of denim fabric attached to the bottom of the pocket. Cut the fringe 1/4″ wide strips up to the pocket, then wash your pocket, it will trigger the fraying.

Cut a piece of inseam from the jeans, or use decorative cording, and attach to the back of the pocket, this is your hanger. Hang the denim pouch pocket on the wall securely and you have a great storage pouch!,

This is great for beanie babies, small toys, stuffies, anything you can think of!. This is a great gift for a young teen, as they can decorate it themselves. Try using fabric paints, beads, more fabric, appliqué, there is all kinds of ways you can decorate your denim pocket.

Try making a few, and hang them together on a wall, back of a door, anywhere, when together it has a great effect on the wall. If you sell crafts for a business, try adding these to your craft show.. you will be amazed how well they sell, plus they are flat and easy to pack for a show.

Denim can be used for many projects, and its a great way to recycle..

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