Mascara-Free Eyelash Lifting

Mascara-Free Eyelash Lifting

Do you experience that horrible lazy-eye problem? Well…I have one, and to really improve the appearance (and make it harder for people to tell) simply do this:


  • an unused toothbrush
  • non-toxic, alcohol free hairspray (something that won’t make your eyes all watery)
  • good mirror

For this natural look of lifted eyelashes, take your toothbrush, and lightly spray some hairspray on the bristles. Look in the mirror and use your toothbrush as a mascara wand to lift your lashes. The hairspray (as on your hair) holds the style of your lashes in place, and there is no mascara on them, so they look natural that way. Good luck!

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Kristen K.

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