Qualities, Benefits and Medicinal Use of Walnut

Qualities, Benefits and Medicinal Use of Walnut

Medicinal Use of Walnuts

Family name : Juglandaceae
Latin name : uglans regia Linn.
Sanskrit : Akshot, Akshod
Hindi : Akhrot
Gujarati : Akhrod, Akhod
Marathi : Akhrod, Akrod
Bengali : Aakhrot, Akot, Aakrot
Telugu : Aksholam
Persian : Gouj, Girdga
Arabian : Jouj


The walnut tree is very beautiful and fragrant, which is of two types, namely, wild walnut and cultivated walnut. The wild walnut tree grows up to a height of 100 to 200 feet, grows by itself and the skin of the fruit is very thick. The cultivated walnut tree grows up to a height of 40 to 90 feet and the skin of the fruit is very thin. It is used for making parts of gun.

External Form:

The back sides of the new branches are velvety; the trunk is grayish in color and has cracks in oblong direction. The tree is full of leaves, texture is fiber like, and the leaves are three to eight inches long, two to four inches wide, oval with stripes. The flowers are greenish in color; the fruits are round in shape with two yellow spots. The skin of the fruit is leather like and fragrant. The seed is one to one and half inch long with two halves. The walnut look likes human brain and is divided into two halves. The walnut consists of oil. The flowers blossom in spring and fruits appear in the summer season.

Chemical Composition:

Walnut has around 40 to 45 percent oil. Besides it also consists of Jugulated acid and resin etc. The fruits consist of oxalic acid.


It overcomes vata, increases kapha and pitta; it is oily, strengthening, and dry and heals wounds. Its lep is used for healing boils, patches and swelling. All parts of a walnut except the oil and walnut kernel are laxative.

Medicinal Use:

Mental weakness: Take 25 to 50 gm of walnut daily to strengthen the brain.


Massage the body with walnut oil and take fomentation with quath made with vata removing medicines for relief.

Migraine / Depression:

Grind walnut kernel with Nirgundi juice and take nasya and apply in eyes for relief.


Burn two walnuts and three Harad; grind the bhasma in four black pepper seeds. Apply it in eyes to improve eyesight.


Drink 40 to 60 gm of its leaf quath and wash the goiter with this quath for healing it.

Dental Problems:

1. Keep its chaal in mouth and chew to clean the teeth.
2. Brush the teeth with walnut skin bhasma to strengthen the teeth.

Breast Milk:

Grind one gram wheat semolina and ten gram walnut leaves. Mix them with clarified butter made with cow milk and prepare pooris. Eat it for seven days regularly in order to increase breast milk.


Roast walnut kernel and chew it for relief. Burn the walnut along with the skin and lick five gram bhasma with honey for relief.


In case of stiffness and cramps in body due to cold in cholera or when the patient experiences severe cramps, massage the body with walnut oil for relief.

Loose Motions:

Take 20 to 40 gm walnut oil with 250 gm milk daily in the morning for easy bowel movement.

Stomach Worms:

1. Drink 60 t0 80 gm of walnut chaal quath to destroy stomach worms.
2. Drink 40 to 60 gm walnut leaves quath to kill stomach worms.


1. Apply the walnut oil in the rectum in case the hemorrhoids are caused due to vata. This reduces swelling and overcomes pain.
2. Drink two to three grams of the walnut skin bhasma with some ant clotting medicines to control bleeding.

Menstrual Problems:

1. In case of obstruction in menstrual bleeding, take 40 to 60 gram of quath made with its skin and mix with two spoons of honey. Take it three to four times daily for relief.

2. Boil 10 to 20 gm walnut skin in one liter water till it reduces to one-eighth quantity. Drink it twice daily for easy bowel movement.

Discharge of Vital Humors Through Urine:

Grind 50 gm of walnut kernel, 40 gm dry dates and 10 gm Binola kernel. Roast in little bit of clarified butter and mix equal quantity of sugar candy. Take 25 gm daily in the morning to control discharge of vital humors from the body. Do not drink milk over it.

Seminal Problems:

Prepare bhasma with walnut skin and add equal amount of unrefined sugar. Take 10 gm with water for 10 days regularly to stop discharge of semen or vital humors.


Grind 10 to 20 gm fresh walnut kernel and apply on painful area, heat one brick and sprinkle water on it. Wrap it with cloth and give fomentation on painful are to relieve pain. Eat walnut daily to purify blood and overcome gout.


1. Mix 10 to 40 gm walnut oil in 250 gm cow urine and drink to relieve body pain.

2. In case of pain caused due to vata, grind 10 to 20 gm walnut in fermented mustard water and apply the lep on painful area for relief.

For Strength in Old Age:

Eat 10 gm walnut with equal amount of dry raisin daily for benefit.


Chew five to 10 walnuts without brushing the teeth and use this as lep on eczema patches for relief.

Healing Wounds

Grind 10 gm walnut with wax or mustard oil and apply the lep for healing the wounds.


Wash the wounds with quath made with its chaal for relief.

Navel Wounds:

1. Grind walnut with water and heat it on flame. Apply the lep on the navel wounds and tie bandage over it. Give fomentation to heal the wound. The wound heals within 10-15 days and cures.

2. Grind walnut chaal with water and apply lukewarm on navel wound for relief.


Eat 20 to 30 gm of walnut to relieve the effect of opium poison and other such drugs.

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