Mud Room Makeovers

Mud Room Makeovers

No matter the season, your mud room is the hardest working room in your house. Whether it’s hats, gloves and boots…or cleats, shin guards and duffle bags, everyone in your family finds something to keep in the mud room. All those items can lead to clutter, so now is the time to try a few quick and easy DIY projects to add order to mud room mayhem.

Space to Hang

Feel like you never have enough space to hang jackets or a place to hang laundry to dry? If you have an old straight ladder, here’s a solution. A coat of spray paint can give new life to the ladder and provide an excellent solution for hanging items or creating shelving in your mud room.

Simply sand and clean the ladder surface and spray paint in the colour of your choice. Next, using hooks and chains suspend the ladder from your ceiling to create an instant hanging rack. For added flair, spray paint the hooks and chain to match your ladder or choose a contrasting colour.

Space to Call Your Own

Assigning a space for each family member to store their belongings is the start to excellent organization…and the end of excuses for lost items. A canvas wardrobe organizer, the kind used to store sweaters, can be the perfect solution to create cubbies for each person to keep smaller items neat and tidy.

Try stenciling labels along the outside of the organizer to ensure everyone knows what goes where. Whether labeling with each family member’s name or initials, school or sports activities, or simply days of the week, Krylon ColorMaster Enamel spray paint works wonders on fabrics to label each compartment and ensure that you stay organized.

If there’s a mess in your mud room, a couple quick and easy DIY organization and storage projects, like the ones described above, can give you and your family order over the chaos.

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