Natural Cures for Self Reliant Healing

Natural Cures for Self Reliant Healing

Natural cures are vital to frugal living and successful homesteading. Homesteaders are constantly striving toward self reliance, and that includes taking responsibility for our own health.

We all get sick, but visiting the doctor is becoming less appealing. Many can’t afford the high cost of health insurance, and besides, it is so frustrating dealing with the medical establishment. Many of their techniques have grown invasive and impersonal. How well do our doctors really know us, and how well do we know them?

Enter personal responsibility and alternative medicines, natural cures that strengthen our bodies for safe, gentle healing. Alternative medicines can be as individual as, well, individuals, but some have become established because of their reputation for healing. And while we shouldn’t abandon modern medicine altogether, here are some ways to avoid the doctor’s office:


Don’t want to be sick? Then make sure your body is getting the right fuel to stay healthy. Include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains in your diet. By eating whole, healthy foods,  you strengthen your body from the inside out and become better able to resist disease.


You should be exercising long enough each day to break out into a sweat. For most of us, that’s about twenty minutes. Make a point of taking a walk during your lunch break. Do that five times a week and you will keep your weight down, your heart strong and your body better able to handle stress and disease.


The therapeutic power of essential oils has been recognized and used for centuries. Flowers and herbs, such as lavender, rose, rosemary and chamomile can be used to help you relax, uplift your spirits, relieve insomnia and ease your headaches.

Never apply pure essential oils to your skin. They should be diluted in a carrier oil, such as sweet almond oil. Apply the diluted oil to your skin and they will be absorbed in the bloodstream for healthy benefits.

Home Remedies

Remember what your grandmother told you about witch hazel and all its amazing cures? Turns out she was right. Witch hazel will treat hemorrhoids, rashes and even stop bleeding. Raw honey protects a cut from getting infected and helps it to heal without a scar. Ginger will ease nausea.


A steady diet of fast food and processed frozen dinners has taken its toll on our health. If the lack of nutrition is causing our sickness, then small wonder that many are turning to nutritional healing – the use of a combination of vitamins – to make us well again. Have a cold? Then increase your intake of vitamin C. Do you have warts? Before going to a doctor to have them burned off, take oil of oregano.

So before calling your doctor, try one of these natural cures. They could save you time, money and frustration. As well as all that time spent in the waiting room.

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Sue Merriam is author of the website, Organic Gardening and Homesteading.

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