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Natural Deodorant - Why It's Time to Ditch The Anti-Perspirant

Why It’s Time to Ditch The Anti-Perspirant

In the early 1900s, advertisers convinced us that we smelled bad and that we needed to not only prevent odor causing bacteria from growing in our underarms but also prevent sweating. Antiperspirants were forced on us in the form of aluminum chloride. Aluminum chloride works by plugging the sweat glands in the wherever applied. Yes, it achieves the goal of preventing odors and sweat marks in clothing but at what cost?

The human body repairs itself and keep itself operating at top performance levels. Sweat is a natural process that not only serves to keep us cool when our body temperature rises but also to remove waste. When plumbing gets clogged, we take great measures to unclog the pipes and get the waste flowing out of our home. Our body is no different. Plugging sweat glands keeps waste in our bodies that should not be there.

Effects of Aluminum Based Antiperspirants:

  1. It traps waste inside leading to swollen lymph nodes and possible increased odor
  2. May interact with DNA and lead to cancerous changes in cells
  3. Mimics estrogen and activates estrogen receptors that influence the growth of cancerous cells

Waste smells bad. Period. Some studies show that people who only use deodorant, which helps prevent odor, and not antiperspirants do not smell as bad as those who tend to use antiperspirants. There are natural options for absorbing moisture and preventing odor causing bacteria from growing in the underarm area.

Effective Natural Deodorant Ingredients:

  1. Baking soda: Found in many aluminum free deodorants. We use it in our refrigerators to absorb odor. It will do the same thing for our body, absorbing moisture and preventing growth of odor causing bacteria. The downside to baking soda is that it is a salt, like aluminum, and may irritate the skin in the area it is applied to.
  2. Cornstarch: Absorb moisture. Made from corn grain and is a common ingredient in soups and stews.
  3. Coconut oil: Natural antibacterial agent. It is made from the meat of mature coconuts. It helps prevent the growth of odor causing bacteria. It is also used as a cooking oil.
  4. Activated charcoal: Natural purifier. Made from wood or coconut coals. It absorbs moisture and attracts impurities for a detoxifying effect. Activated charcoal medications treat poisonings, diarrhea, indigestion, and gas. It is also used in water purification filters.

What makes antiperspirants unhealthy is that the skin absorbs them interrupting the natural order of the body’s systems. The premise behind natural deodorant is that the ingredients are safe for ingestion but effective at preventing odor while working in harmony with your body.

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I am a medical laboratory scientist who takes health and wellness seriously. I take great pride in helping people live a chemical free lifestyle with my line of natural hair, bath and body products.

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