Natural Homemade Lotions for Face Skin

Natural Homemade Lotions for Face Skin

Making your own lotion is not difficult and rather interesting. By the way you get some benefits: you feel certain your lotion contains only natural ingredients; you may hand-pick the appropriate components, those meet the needs of your skin.

Preparation of homemade lotions for face skin in the process of mixing the ingredients at high temperatures, such as 110 to 120 degrees with a hand held mixer. As base ingredients a lot of different components can be used. As usually they are herbal teas or mineral water.

The ingredient matching depends on your age and skin type. Some of us need to moisten skin and some of us need to clean skin and prevent clogging pores. When the base is done being mixed, you simply add a few drops of necessary essential oils and then pour your creation into bottles to cool. The lotion can be prepared and thicken within a few hours.

You may make a simple herb tea with some aroma oil addition (don’t forget to dilute it with some base oil (olive, macadamia, almond-oil, etc.,)) or make a compounding lotion using a professional recipe.

All experienced people recommend selecting your containers by colors or marking them otherwise. It will help reminding you this ingredient you’ve already used.

Basic homemade lotion for face skin recipe

The base recipe is: heat up 3/4 cup of oil of your choice (olive, macadamia, almond-oil, etc., ) in the microwave with 2 teaspoons of stearic acid and 1 teaspoon of emulsifying wax until fuse. Separately heat up 1/2 cup of water of your choice (such as rain water, ice water) in the microwave with a 1/2 teaspoon of borax until boiling hot.

Then slowly whip in the oil mixture with a hand blender. Keep mixing until fairly cool. At this time, you can add vitamin e oil, fragrance, aroma oils or extracts. When the lotion seems well mixed, flood it into bottles. If you are going to keep your lotion longer, put it into the fridge. Vitamin E is a natural preservative and may also help.

All homemade lotions for face skin suggest discretion for you. You can use green tea instead of water or rainwater, or with whatever herb extract you like. You are free to experiment with ingredients and consistence. You may also use a propolis natural preservative and a healthy component for fading skin. The possibilities are endless and you have the perfect opportunity to make your best homemade lotions for face skin.

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